32) "Don't separate our destiny"(For Chelsea)

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You and Justin have been dating for a while now, and you've been pretty happy and blessed to have him. But he's been messing around with other women now, and by 'others' I mean Selena. We need to accept the fact that they have been in love, so badly, and its still hard for him and her to let go each other, Yet, Justin still needs you, and he cannot live without you.

"Where are you going?" you asked him, as he walked down the stairs, and grabbed the car keys. He turned back, and replied "To a friend's place". You were curious to know who, but its not like you doubted him. You said "Who?" and he replied "A FRIEND!" and rushed out, banging the door on your face. 

Its almost midnight, and he hadn't returned home. You called him again, and again, but he never picked the call up. He came home next day, and then, the 3rd world war started..."

"Where were you last night?" You yelled, as he walked into the room. He made a face, and he said "At Selena's place.". You were shocked, and you said "What? Why did you go there?!". He yelled back, "Don't control my life. I know where to go and where not to!". He stomped downstairs, shutting the door. 

You followed him down, and yelled "JUSTIN! DON'T YOU DARE WALK AWAY. I asked you because I love you! And when it comes to her, I'm insecure!". He acted like he didn't care, and said "Well, I don't think I do.". You were taken aback by his words and your eyes had tears strolling down your cheeks like raindrops.

You went closer to him, and said "Should I leave then? Should I leave your life Justin?". He said "I don't even care! Get a life!" and ran into his room. You quickly walked out of the house, and ofcourse, you were crying. 

You went to your house, somewhere around the same place. You had the toughest time of your life. 

-Few Months Later-

You turn on the TV, and find news about your ex-boyfriend Justin's tweets like "I miss you"  and "Where are you?" and "I'm sorry.." and "I'll win you back" and "I'm looking for you..". His latest album is full of songs about you. He tried calling you, and tried to reach you.

You completely ignored him, because you were in the same state of mind as well. You moved away from all of his people. You changed your number, your address, and your life. It might seem peaceful, but inside, it hurts. 

You decided to visit the beach, so you can relax for some time. You wore a cute outift, and drove to the beach. You parked the car, and walked on the sand, feeling the golden granules grind against your precious feet. You finally hit the water, and had some fun. 

When you were tired, you walked back to a Poolside chair, and laid down on your back. After a few seconds of peace, you heard someone call your name- "Chelsea?" and to your surprise, it was Justin. 

You immediately sat up, and ignored his words. He said "Chelsea? Talk to me baby, please?" and you walked away from him. He yelled your name behind you, and caught you by your waist.

You immediately squirmed, pushing his hands off of you, and yelled "I don't know who you are, let go of me!". He immediately tightened his grip, and pulled you back, so you landed on his chest. You hesitated, but calmed down, breathing heavily onto his chest, after trying to escape his touch. 

Finally his lips parted to say a few words, "I'm so sorry Chelsea.. I know I hurt you, I did the most dumbest, stupidest thing in the world. I was so in love with her, even after letting her go. I'm not anymore, I love you! I know you don't believe me, but I'm begging you baby, please!" and he held you tighter than ever, you found it difficult to move.

You said "Justin, I've been watching this happen! You go to her, then run back to me, and it happens again and again! You think I'm going to be with you?, Even after having to go through this every time?" and pulled away from him.

He replied "No, No, I swear it won't happen. I told you last time, it would be the last time. I'm so sorry baby, Words can't explain. We'll move out, we'll live somewhere else, we'll stay away from everyone! It'll be just you, and me... Please baby, don't say no.." and knelt down on the sand. There were people taking pictures, but that wasn't of the greatest importance.

You looked at him, his eyes full of need, the need for you to get back to him. You were confused. You looked away and he continued- "Don't separate our destiny, dont' separate you from me, please.. That's all I need. I'll give everything away, if thats what it takes to get you back. I promise,  won't let a tear come out of your eyes. I want to be the guy you're in love with, please, I love you."

You couldn't help but cry, and you hugged him. His head was resting on your chest, and he was holding your hip. He was crying, so were you. You said "Promise?" and he said "I do my love, I promise." You hugged him tighter, missing his golden touch. He said "What are we waiting for? Can I have what I missed for so long?" and he jumped onto you, and kissed you. 

His kiss was out of the world. It was like his long-time thirst got quenched. He was hungry, but nothing could make him feel full, but your kiss. After a few seconds, he lifted you up, and took you home. 

The next day, you guys were the hottest topic. In the news, "Heart throb Justin Bieber, wins back his one less lonely girl, Chelsea. The couple went through a tough time in their lives. They were the most iconic couple, and now they're back. Jelsea lovers unite! Chelsea was off the spotlight for a few months after the incident, but she's happy to be back with Justin. He feels that he is 'Lost' without her, and that she's his true soulmate. Chelsea too admits, that she was waiting for him to get her back."

And then, you guessed it. Life was back on track. It was a bliss, again. 

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