13)"Lovexting and Love-making" Ⓡ

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Imagine- You are the Girlfriend of World-wide sensation Justin Bieber.

Justin was touring. It had been almost 2 weeks since he saw you. You missed him too. Here is the text conversation you both had! 

Justin: Baby... I miss you.. :( I think I can manage to run 1000 miles. Shall I come now? 

You: I miss you too Justin.. But don't do that. Your fans love you. Don't do this to them babe.

Justin: Mmkay.. Need to feel your hands running in my hair right now. I'm longing to see you. 

You: Haha <3 *Runs hands in your hair* I love you baby. *kiss kiss*

Justin: I'm gonna come home in 2 days. I'm coming to get you babe. You don't know what's waiting. 

You: Uh-huh? We'll see. Now, you gotta focus on your concert tonight baby!!

Justin: You think I can? I'm forgetting the lyrics baby. I've waited for 2 weeks, But I can't think of waiting for another 2 days.

You: Ahaha, Sometimes, I can't believe Justin Bieber is in love with me. (^_^)

Justin: Aha, if that's what makes ya happy. 

Justin: I, Justin Bieber, Am in love with you, (Your name). Feeling powerful huh?

You: Not powerful, But I'm feeling different.

Justin: Like what? :o

You: Like being loved by Justin Bieber? ;) Just messing with ya!

Justin: You gotta get a shot of Bieber Fever, as soon as I get there.

You: Mmhm? No! Not Bieber fever! Ahh I'm scared *Shuts eyes*

Justin: Baby, I'm telling you, I'm dying here without you. 

You: Me too. I'm already dead without you. Hurry back home soon.. I'm waiting. :-*

------------------------------------NEXT DAY MORNING-----------------------

Justin: Good morning beautiful. (Sent-8:07 am)

Justin: Good Morning Babe.. (Sent-8:18 am)

Justin: Baby wake up! I left my pants back home. Hurry up and get it for me. Now! (Sent-8:27am)

Justin: (Y/n) talk to me. :( (Sent-8:30 am)

You: Oh I'm so sorry Justin, I'm down with fever. :( And Good morning. (Sent-8:31 am)

Justin: :O You okay babe? It's just fever, right? 

You: Yes, Bieber fever is what I have. *Laughs*

Justin: Nice joke. But it wasn't funny. :P

You: Justin? You called the doctor and asked him to come home?? 

Justin: Yeah. Sometimes, you keep things hidden from me, Just so I won't get upset. I just wanted to make sure you're Okay.

You: I'm waiting for you babe.

Justin: I'm coming. Soon. :)

------------------------------------------END OF TEXTS----------------------------------------

You heard the door bang, and you ran outside. You opened the door, and you saw Justin. He said "Baby, I'm home. Finally! I missed you so much!" he said, hugging you. You said "God, without you, I almost died inside the house." and you hugged him more tight and kissed him. "Come on in, I got diner ready for ya!" you said, and took him inside, shutting the door cool and calm, unlike the way you opened the door. 

Justin showered, and changed his clothes. He wore a white shirt and Blue jeans. His hair was wet, and was not how he has it usually. You helped him finish his food and said "Hey, Today we're watching a movie. I have everything ready!" And he said "That's great. I just need to get some rest." He put the dishes in the sink, and walked towards you. You said "You go start watching the movie, while I come back in two minutes. 

He sat down on the couch, and switched on the movie. He was restless and you walked in front of him, in order to sit down on the couch. That moment he looked down at you, top to bottom. He pulled you aside and kissed you. He was holding your waist, and slowly rubbed your back. In those 2 seconds, the whole mood between the two of you changed. 

He quickly picked you up and took you to the bedroom. He dropped you on the bed, and laid down on top of you, kissing you, slowly tearing away your clothes, after he did the same to his. He kissed a path down your neck, to your stomach, till he reached your sensitive part. He licked, and licked, kissed, and kissed. You said "Jussstin, you're making me wet!" And he quickly moved back up, and kissed you. 

He stopped for a second, glanced at your eyes for approval, and lined his length with your entrance. He thrusted in and out, both of you screaming each other's names, and kissing, and breathing hard, sealed you both together. Every once in a while, he would say "Oh God, Yes" and you would say "JUSTIN!!" that made both of you nuts. Finally, after both of you came down from your high, He  laid down next to you, still with his tip inside of you, making you feel ticklish. He hugged you from behind and said "It's not over YET".

He kissed you, and you knew.. you were in for a long night. A really REALLY LONG one.

- Gaaaah, No requests? ;c  Hoping you'll like THIS! 

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