9)"Symbol of Love"

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Imagine- You got married to Justin a year ago. He's been away most of the time, since you got married to him.

"You may kiss the bride" Justin said, As you flipped the photos in your Wedding album.

Justin came home after 3 months. He was gonna stay with you for 2 weeks. For 2 whole WEEKS. 

"Ananya? Baby, I love you more now, You're what keeps me moving on. I work harder everyday so that I can come to the safest place in the world called My Home, and take care and show my love to my beautiful wife." Justin said. "I do too Justin, but I feel alone. Most of the time." 

"I'm Sorry baby, But there are people out there, who have been supporting me until this second. I'll find a way to keep you occupied though." You both yawn and decide to go to sleep.

You both lie down on that huge bed. Which could fit like 5 people. He switches off the lights and says "Good night Baby girl. Love you. And I hope to see you first thing in the morning. Sweet dreams." You said "Good night honey. Love you more and bad." And you both weren't really sleeping. You both pretended to. 

Justin was thinking hard about something. While you're upset about him, Missing you alot. You said "Justin? Are you sleeping already?" And He said "No Baby, What is it?" You said "Can you get us a smaller bed?" He said "Why?" You said "So we can stay as close as possible. We're already far for alot of days, So we can stay close when we're sleeping? 

Justin's eyes glow. He said "Ananya, Come here. I have to talk to you about something." You said "Yes Baby?" and went near him, hugging him. You both are like On each other. Justin said "Do you like kids?". You said "Huh? What do you mean?" He said "Just say Yes or No". You said "Who doesn't? Ofcourse I do!". He asks you "Can you take care of them?" You said "Yep." 

Justin came closer and said "Let's have a baby. So you'll be occupied when I'm gone. And it's a symbol of our love." You were shocked. You said "No, I'm happy you said that.. But, Will I be able to do it?" He said "You would. You can. You will, And let's start now."

                  (You guys get in the process in the night. If u know what I mean..)


You try getting up, but Justin has his arms around you, real tight. You can't even push them off. You kissed Justin's ear and said "Baby, could you let me go?" He started singing Never Let You Go- "Let the music blast, we gonna do our dance, Bring the doubters on, they don't matter at all, Cuz this life's too long and this love's too strong, so baby know for sure, that I'll never let you go..". You said "Baby, Just now, I'll be back, Please?" Justin said "Ananya? And, Did i hurt you yesterday? You okay?" You said "Nah. It was the best time of my life! I love you!". 

You started your day, by a beautiful song sung by your Angel.

- I Love this :) I hope you like it Ananya!  PART 2 is OUT! :D

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