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Yes. Yes, yes, yes, it's really an update, a new imagine in fact, and you're not dreaming, don't worry! Just like Jay made his come back with 'Purpose' album, I've come back with our 'Purpose' imagine. And wow, thank you so so so much for all those sweet and mad messages while I was gone. And the rest, will be at the end note. Love you guys so much. 


Justin. Oh the name. It gives you those chills, that run down the spine and to your toes.

 It makes your knees weak. It makes your heart heavy and ache with love. 

It makes you breathless. 

His velvety smooth voice that you love hearing, all through day and night.

His sharp jawline that could cut skin deep. 

His chest, with that beating heart that lulls you to deep slumber when one of those sleepless nights happen.

His soft cheeks that you enjoy pinching and biting. 

His pink, plump and wet lips that mold yours every time you kiss.

And when he smiles... damn. That smile did something to your body.

His hands, the ones that hold yours in when he wants you to feel his warmth

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His hands, the ones that hold yours in when he wants you to feel his warmth.

His goofy, crazy, dorky, stupid but cute ass. Should I or shouldn't I....? 

His love. The warmth it gives you. 

Those endless nights of intimacy. Those pointless fights. Those sugary kisses and cuddles. Those beautiful mornings when you wake up to his smile. Those hot summer days when you wear his shirt around the house and act like him. Those horrible burnt breakfast he makes, especially. 


He is everything to you. He is your love. He is your world. His love is what you cherish the most. And there hasn't been a day that you haven't thanked god for what he gave you. 

You look at him, your eyes cloudy and heart thumping. You could feel yourself starting to lose sense of what was happening. 

Your mind, heart and soul were all whole. He is there. Right there. Looking at you. 

"You may kiss the bride" you hear.

Before you could make any more eye contact with your now husband Justin Drew Bieber, his lips make some with yours. 

You could feel the adrenaline pumping through your blood as he softly molds your lips with his. His tongue ever so slightly swiping on your bottom lip, and his hands coming around your waist. You smile in the kiss, and throw your arms around his neck pulling him closer.

After a few seconds of kissing, he pulls away.

"You give me Purpose, y/n." you hear him whisper by the side of your ear.

"I love you, Justin." you say, letting a tear fall free from one of your eyes. 

"Okay okay Lovebirds, now come on let's dance!" you hear your friends and family say. You turn to look at Justin, but he's already there on the dance floor holding his hand out for you. 

You walk over and grab his hand. 'Never letting go of this' you think. 

"Never letting you go. Ever." He whispers, and pulls you in for a smooch.

✝ We are all here for a reason. And when you find that reason, know that you've found your Purpose. And sometimes, your Purpose could even be a person whom you love with your heart and soul like never ever before. 


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