"Y/n, why would you do that? You know I don't like it and I also know you did that on purpose. When will you finally get it through your head?" Justin asked you, in a raised voice. You did something wrong, and you were just a little, hard-headed to admit it to him. "Why do always have to be under my nose, stalking my every single move?!" You yelled at him, anger evident in your tone. The funny thing is, he's right and you're wrong. You made a mistake, but he was yelled at by you. "Under your nose..? Stalking you..? We both know that's not true!" He said, trying to control his anger, not wanting to explode. "It's very true and leave me fucking alone!" You yelled at him, and he walked away, as he slammed the door shut, making you want to cover your ears. "What an ass.." You whispered, laying down harshly on the bed. 

You were so pissed at everything, you wanted to kill yourself, and die. You regreted everything that you said to him a few minutes back, but again, you were a little hard-headed to accept that. Your breathing was erratic, and you wanted to punch someone until they died. You had the urge to throw and break everything in the house, and scream. But you had to contain your emotions, especially your anger. It had been long since Justin slammed the door and walked away. He didn't come back, actually, you must be the one apologising. You saw the time on your phone and it was 10:47 at night. You laid down, and got under the covers. You tried to sleep so hard, but you just couldn't. You stared at Justin's side of the bed, hoping and wishing he'd come back to hold you while you sleep in his arms.

About 2 years ago, you were at Justin's house for a party and you were his best friend at that time. It wasn't actually a safe neighbourhood to live in, and you believed it after a bad experience. Justin's house was overflowing with people and it was hard to even be heard there. You were standing by the porch, trying to get some fresh air. Suddenly, someone threw you over their shoulders and ran inside the house. "Let me go! Let me go you idiot!" You cried for help, and screamed, but since there were couples who were practically banging around in every corner of the house, yours didn't make any difference. "PLEASE LET ME GO! GET OFF OF ME!" You yelled for help, as this random drunk guy tried to tear your clothes. He slapped you several times, and was about to rape you. He said some hurtful things, as was hurting you inside out. "Bit** shut the fu** up! Make a sound and I'll fu**ing kill you!" He yelled as he tore the sleeves of your shirt when someone opened the door of the room.

It was your best friend Justin, who was there to save you like an angel sent from above. "Uh, what's going on?" He said, and he was totally taken aback by the scene and he knew something was wrong and you both weren't exactly 'Banging' around. You bit that guy's hand and screamed for help- "He's- He's trying to- Help me Justin, Please!" That's when Justin managed to get that psycho off of you, and he called the police. That guy must be in jail, now. 

Even though you escaped from being raped, you went into a temporary shock because of that kind of torture. You were insecure, and scared of being touched by anyone. You didn't let anyone touch you at all. You were scared of being alone, and living alone. That's when Justin took the responsibility of getting you back to normal. It was a big decision for him, and he chose to be there for you inspite of all the criticism he got for doing it. Nobody supported him, but he still chose you. He gained your trust day by day, and had you move in with him. People thought it was absurd to live with a best friend, but he still shook it off. The world then understood the soft, caring side of Justin.

He held you in his arms before you went to sleep every night, stayed everytime when you needed a shoulder to cry on, and took care of you. Justin slowly fell for you hard, and developed feelings. Especially when he understood from the doctor who treated you, that he was the only one who has your trust. He confessed his love for you, and you too, gladly accepted it. You both have been dating from that point.

Ever since you both started dating, you both would sleep together, every single night. He would have his arms around your waist, and his head buried in your neck, holding you tight. None of you would separate sides, or sleep without getting your hands and legs tangled. You feel safe only when he's sleeping with you, and around you. Without him, you always feel lifeless, insecure, and scared. He'd hold you like nobody would. He'd cradle you in his arms, his skin giving you warmth and love. You cannot sleep without him. It's impossible.

You ran your hands on Justin's side, letting tears roll down your cheeks. You got out of the bed, and opened the door slowly not to wake Justin up. You walked down the stairs to find Justin sleeping on the couch, holding a pillow in his arms. You teared up, and laid down opposite to him, on the other couch which was parallel to the couch Justin was on. You watched him in a peaceful slumber, and closed your eyes, feeling his presence around you and fell asleep.

You suddenly felt those familiar arms holding you in bridal style, and walking upstairs. It was Justin. He placed you on the bed carefully, and started walking away. You fluttered your eyes open, and pulled him by his shirt. "Justin, wait!" You said, your voice breaking because of your nervousness. He didn't say anything, he just stopped. You ran from the bed and stood before him. He looked down, and you were only a few seconds away from crying out loud. "I'm sorry, I'm so- sorry Justin. I'm so so sorry, I didn't know what I-I was talking ab-about. You were right and I was wrong, I-I'm sorry.. You aren't under my nose.. and you don't stalk me. You're around me to protect me, and I feel safe only with you. I'm-I'm sorry Justin I didn't mean it!" You blabbered, as you laid your head on his chest, sobbing. He never spoke a word, but his hands were around your waist. 

He was about to pull away when you sobbed while crying "Please don't go, Please I need you. I-I can't sleep without you next to me. I-I need you to hold me while I sleep. Please Justin, I'm sorry, don't leave me alone. Don't leave me here. Sleep next to me-" "Ssh. It's okay, I don't plan on it." He cut you off, kissing your lips sweetly. You opened your mouth to say "I can't sleep anywhere but in your arms, Justin. I love you so much, I'm sorry I hurt you.. I-" "Ssh baby, it's fine. I love you too. And as much as you can't sleep without being in my arms, I can't sleep without having you in my arms." He said, while picking you up swiftly. He placed you on your side, and laid down next to you. 

You couldn't stop crying because of all that you said, and all that happened before in your life. "Come to me baby." He said, pulling you close to him. His hands snaked under your shirt, and held your waist tightly against his, keeping you warm, loved and safe. You laid your head on his chest, closely listening to his heart beat. You balled up his shirt in your hands, as you once again had a sudden outburst of tears. "Baby, I'm right here. Look, I'm holding you, sweetheart.. why are you crying?" Justin asked, worry evident in his voice.

"I just, I don't know what I would do if you weren't here with me.. I can't live without you, I love you so much, it hurts!" You sobbed. He kissed your lips sweetly, making your world go dizzy for a second. His lips on yours made butterflies erupt in the pit of your stomach. He gently squeezed and massaged your sides, as his tongue traced your bottom lip for permission. He pushed his tongue into your mouth, making you feel like you're flying up high, floating in happiness. His tongue softly rubbed against yours, and it was so passionate. He pulled away and said "Don't worry about that. I'm going to be here forever, and with me, you'll be safe and sound." You smiled at his words, and closed your eyes knowing that he's going to be here tonight, and forever- holding you in his arms. 

Somethings in life happen for a reason. Fights are nothing but little exams for the love that you both have for each other. Some fail, some pass with flying colors. If it fails, your relationship has to have its flaws fixed. If it survives the test, your relationship is stronger than you think. ♕

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