21) "Good Night"

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Your POV: 

"Baby! Dinner's ready! Come on!" I called out for Justin. Yes, Justin Drew Bieber, every girl's dream boy, was my boyfriend. We moved in together 3 days ago. It's been raining since yesterday night. It's raining like someone is pouring water from a bucket. 

 "What's for dinner beautiful?" He asked me, and sat down. "Spaghetti. your favourite?" I said and I hugged him. I handed his plate with food and we started eating. We both took more from the dish, Using the fork and dumping it inside our mouths.

 Suddenly, something struck us both. We both were eating the same noodle. He didn't let it go, and I never let go of it too. Slowly, the end of the noodle was coming. He was getting closer and closer, and I was getting impatient by the minute.

 He was only 2 centimetres away from my lips and I pulled the noodle, and I ate it. He wasn't done yet. He said "You're so going to pay for that" and he locked his lips with mine. He let our lips part, only when I forced him to stop, because I was breathless. 

 We smiled and we continued eating. Sometimes, the same thing would happen and we both would fight for dominance. Atlast, he lets me win.

 We finished our dinner and we cleaned the table, and the dishes. He said "Let's watch a movie" and I nodded yes. He switched on the TV and we started watching the movie. When a really funny scene showed up, we both laughed. He laughed so hard, that he started choking. I ran to get him water. I gave him some water and he was okay.

 I went to kitchen and while I was on my way back, there was this huge flash, Like the sun blowing up or something. A second later this huge noise, like a house collapsing in your ears. The power went BOOOM. It was thunder, lightning, rain, no power, all at the same time. 

 I froze in my posture and I said "Justin? Where are you?" because it was pitch black, like I was blind or something. I was able to figure out where I was only with the help of those sudden lightning strikes. 

 Suddenly, I felt someone grabbing me by the waist and hugging me. I pushed away, and he said "Relax girl, it's me." and I felt much much better. It was all unicorns and butterflies again. He rested his chin on my shoulder, and kissed my neck.

 After a while (No! After making out for a while!) He carried me to our room and he laid me down, and he did too. He pulled the covers on top of us and I fell asleep so fast. 

 Again, Lightning and Thunder. I almost bounced up and woke up from my sleep and I screamed "Justin!" and he grabbed my waist, pulled me closer and said "Sssh babe, I'm here" I felt better only after his amazing touch. 

 I pulled him closer, so it was like we were some conjoint twins or something. I was on top of him, with my head on his chest. I could hear his heartbeat. It was like a lullaby, slowly forcing me to close my eyes and sleep. 

 Every now and then, the lightning would strike and thunder too, I would scream and he'll make me feel better. So, he found a solution. He kept drawing circles and smileys, and hearts and I LOVE YOU'S on my back. Sometimes he would kiss my ear and say "I love you" and I'd smile in my sleep.

How cute right?

- I love this personally, although it's short. Like, REALLY short. Lol! Leave your comments and votes please! Love you!! :-*

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