69) "For You"

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"I just wish I could sleep and never wake up again Y/n." Justin, your celebrity best friend said, rubbing his temples.

You both have been best friends for a about three years and obviously, your feelings for him grew into what they call love. Well, you have been in love with him ever since you've been a Belieber, but after you finally got to know him personally, you fell in love all over again.

It was about 1:00 in the afternoon, and you were at his place. He was rambling for about an hour on and on about how he was feeling because of all the stress, and the depression that he has. You never spoke a word as you watched him pour his heart out to you. You felt bad for him, and you wanted to scream and cry about how clueless he is that you love him to death. He's been feeling like this for a long time, and you shrugged it off everytime by cheering him up. Little did you know that all of this was this serious. He was talking to you like it's the last time. He was behaving as though he's going to take his life away soon. All of this was making you feel sick. You wanted to throw up, and you felt dizzy as you thought of all that he said. You wanted to stop him, and nothing would stop you from doing that. 

"I'm thinking of suicide actually, I'm not interested in living.. not a bit." He whispered, and your eyes widened. What has this world to done him?! He's the one who never supported the ideas of suicide or self harm. He's the one who practically saved your life, even when he didn't know you in person that time when you were that crazy Belieber. 

"No Justin, Please tell me you're joking." You said softly, and grabbed his hands. 

"I'm not." He said, squeezing your hands together.

"Why are you so selfish?" You choked out, and he snapped his head up in shock.

"I'm not, Y/n." He said, and sadly chuckled at the end. 

"Yes you are! You're just too blind to see that I'm hopelessly in love with you for a long time!" You almost yelled, spitting out the truth.

He laughed and said "You're just trying to stop me Y/n. I can clearly see that." 

You felt hurt, and like a fool because he didn't believe you. You furrowed your eyebrows together, and he saw the redness spread on your face. He apparently thought you were joking, although in reality, he felt the same but he pushed them away, as the sadder stories in life were of greater importance than the love that hasn't blossomed yet. 

"No, you can't see nothing! You're just too blinded by all this stress and shit. I fucking love you, believe it or not." You said swearing for the first time in front of him and his face was emotionless. You couldn't read him, and you were confused as hell too.

You got up, and he stood up along with you from the couch. "I would do anything for you. I would swim across the oceans for you. I would climb mountains for you. I would give away everything I have just to see you smile. I would do anything for you Justin! I would! Even if I would have to die for you, I would!" You yelled, balling up his shirt wanting him to believe your words.

He held your hand, as he watched your eyes water and your lips part to say words straight out of your heart. "Y/n, Please. We both know you wouldn't. Who would die for someone? Please, life isn't like the movies.." He whispered lowly, and broke your heart. 

You roughly pushed him away, as anger boiled up inside of you. How dare he say like that? "Well, I would! And watch me!" You yelled at him, and rushed upstairs to where his cupboards with medicines are there.

You've been around here more than your own house, and that's only because Justin thinks of you as family. You're the only one who's so close to him. He doesn't just see you as one of those beautiful women in your life, he also sees you as his god-given best friend. You heard him run behind you, as you slammed the door shut, and locked it. 

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