35) "Tom and Jerry" (For Anya) Ⓡ

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It was finally home time, after a hard day's work. Its been this way, since you came into the spotlight, because of your love, Justin Bieber. He is the reason why you're into modelling. He somehow convinced you, and got you into the field. So, back to the day.. Yes, you finally completed your photoshoot today and you won't be working for a month or two. 

You rushed in, and jumped on the couch, laying down. Justin came from nowhere, and kissed you. It scared you actually. "Welcome home Anya!" He said, grinning. You simply laughed, and kissed him back. He said "So, let's have dinner? After your thing?" and you nodded as you said "Yeah, sure. I'm starving." 

After your shower, He took you by your hand, and led you to your dining table. It was full! With food! Everything from starter to desert was there. The only thing that had to be done was to eat. He sat you down, and handed over your plate. You said in awe "Oh gosh, did you cook all of this?" pointing out to everything that was on the table. He said "Nah, I had them cooked for us. I mean, I bought them. If I had to cook, it would take like 3 days to get one dish on the table!" and you both started laughing.

You both talked about usual things, while eating. After you both cleaned up everything, you two sat on the couch. You were waiting for bed time. Meanwhile, he flipped the channels on the TV, and almost gave up after finding.. Nothing. He said "There's nothing to watch.. Except for Tom and Jerry.." and laughed. Your eyes widened, and you grabbed the remote. You found the show, 'Tom and Jerry' and started watching it.

He stared at you continuously, until you looked back. You asked him "What?" and He replied "Anya? Babe? Seriously?". You nodded yes, and continued watching. 

He was frustrated and he said "Why don't we see our photos and videos together in our bedroom? It'll be fun, right?". You thought for a second, as you understood the secret message that was in the form of his words. You replied "Yeah Yeah, you go first, I'll come after I drink water..". He said "Sounds good. I'll get it ready.." and went into the room.

You didn't want water, no nothing. You wanted to watch 'Tom and Jerry'. That's all. You sat on the couch, correction- You laid down on the couch, giggling and laughing. After 10 minutes or so, he opened the door slightly, and saw you. He yelled "So, Are you coming to bed or what babe?!" and walked closer to you. You said "I forgot, yeah..." and still didn't stop. He pulled you up, but you didn't move. 

You whined "Justin, I wanna watch 'Tom and Jerry' please!" He chuckled. He said "Babe, I'll show 'Tom and Jerry'. You, me, Bedroom. Now.." You didn't get convinced. You said "Justin, I'm tired.. So tired, even to walk." By the end of your words, he lifted you up, in bridal style and threw you over his shoulders. You playfully punched him and screamed. He locked the door and gently placed you on the bed. 

You immediately pulled the covers on top of you, and pretended to be asleep. He pulled the cover and threw it on the floor. He said "Babe? I know you ain't sleeping. Not without me. Open your eyes babe.." and you replied "I got no energy..Ah..". He jumped close to you, and fluttered your eyes open, as you saw him shirtless. Your eyes were now wide. He whispered "Got your energy back babe?" and you laughed.

Apart from all the games, and jokes he cracked, the love between you two is unimaginable. It cannot be explained through words. He laid down beside you, letting you feel the raging heat that you fuel into him. 

He brushed the hair which was falling on your face to the side, and looked into your eyes. All you could see was love in his eyes, not lust. And all you could feel was his love filling you completely. All the energy you lost came back. All your tiredness was gone and was replaced by the need to fulfill his own desires. He leaned in, and gently kissed you. Like a butterfly sitting on a flower, your lips were completely captured by his.

He wasn't in a hurry. Neither were you. He slowly dominated, moving on top you, keeping you still. He broke the kiss, when you started panting into the kiss. He didn't waste a second on waiting for your breathing to come back to normal, he attacked your neck, instead. It was very intense, and you couldn't help but elevate your back a little. He very wisely reached for your top's zip, and unzipped it. 

You smiled, when he slid down your other piece of clothing over your shoulders, leaving you topless, like he was too. He ran his hands playfully by your sides, while his lips worked their magic on your chest. Various sounds from your mouth escaped into the air. When he moved away from your bundle of nerves for some air, you couldn't wait for his lips to be back to work. You pulled him closer, so his lips landed on them perfectly. He chuckled, as he whispered "Somebody is eager..". 

His face started descending onto your figure, down to your aching centre. Once he was there, he laid his face on your stomach, and calmed you down, since you were getting all tensed up since he was about to do something there. 

Well, it wasn't the first time. Only he can give that feeling. Nobody can. Butterflies were fluttering in your stomach, when his hands gently pulled the cloth that was hiding your womanhood. He threw it far away, which landed somewhere on top of the nightlamp that you both bought from an Antique store. 

He kissed your centre, as if they were your lips. Your hands were running through his hair. The air was rushing in and out of your lungs. Your stomach began churning. His tongue were lashing out everything that it touched. His hands were firmly holding your hips, tightly. 

 After a second, you screamed as you convulsed onto the bed after reaching the climax. He moved up once again, and kissed your lips, giving you an idea of how you taste. He was on all fours, on top of you, his member was out, eager and ready to push you over the edge of pleasure. 

He leaned down slowly, as his member was making its way to your centre. Your lips parted for a few moans. After he was completely into you, he kissed your neck, while moving in and out. Your legs secured tightly around his back. He was going fast and deep. You saw stars everytime he pushed in and called your name. 

It all seemed to be a dream. It was all impossible. Times when your friends laughed at you, and people teasing you when you really believed you would meet Justin one day all flooded your mind. Suddenly, his sloppy moves snapped you back to normalcy. He was about to meet his climax and so were you. He reached his climax, as he yelled your name and collapsed on top of you.

You too, let go of yourself. You arched your back, holding his shoulder blades. He smiled, and said "Anya baby, Did it hurt?". You replied "Why'd you ask?". He said "If it did, then it means I did a great job." and you laughed. He kissed your lips and said "I love you". You held onto him tightly, suddenly. A tear slipped from your eyes, and you said "I love you so much, I don't know what to do. How am I going to ever thank god?". He chuckled and said "By loving me. Babe, trust me, I work for him..". He was right. He truly was an angel. Your Angel.

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"Is it love? Do I love her? People think I'm a skirt chaser. I bet she does too. I don't know what I'm talking about. What's happening to me? She's doing something to me."

(Excerpt from "2 States" A Justin Bieber love story. Read it today if you haven't! Check my works for it!)

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