Don't wanna read long imagines? Read these! I prefer calling them Shorties! Now onwards, I might write these kinda ones once in a while! If you have any ideas, then feel free to message me! 

#1 You: Hmm, why don't we play hide and seek? There's nothing else I have in mind.                    

Justin: Nope, Not hide and seek. Please, Y/n.

You: Why? *Giggles*

Justin: Because a girl like you, is impossible to find.

#2 You: So, you won't love any other girl except me right?

Justin: I can't say that. 

You: What? *Shocked*

Justin: Well, I'll love this girl, who'll call you mommy.

#3 Justin: Can we make babies? *Chuckle*

You: Haha, Nope.

Justin: What did I say?

You: Can we make babies?

Justin: Ofcourse, I'm always ready. *Takes off shirt*

#4 Justin: Baby, do our neighbours know my name?

You: Nah. They don't.

Justin: Well, they are about to. 

You: Whaaaaat?

Justin: *Drags you into the bedroom*

#5 Justin: Babe, Have you seen angels? I've seen one, that fell from heaven.

You: Nope, I don't believe in them.

Justin: Well, I saw you. You made me believe that angels do exist.

You: *Blushes*

#6 Justin: Babe, you missed my fav scene! (While watching movie)

You: What scene?

Justin: The kissing scene! Let me show you. *Kisses Randomly*

You: Justiiiin! We're watching Finding Nemo. There is no kiss scene here! 

Justin: Oh. *Smirks* 

#7 Justin: *Picks you up high* Tell me babe, I'mma drop ya down now!

You: Justin! Please! Put me down! Put me dooooowwwwn!

Justin: *Sings I'mma put you down, I'mma put you down*

#8 Justin: Baby, I'm a superhero. Guess my name?

You: Hmmm, Ironman? Superman? Oh, Spiderman!

Justin: No, I'm YourMan.

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