♥ A Letter To All My Beautiful Readers ♥

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Update on 5/9/16:

I am officially back and working on stuff for you. <3

Hey Babes,

I'm back. I'm sorry I was gone for about 3 months without any notice, or even a little something for you all. I was just going through a lot at that time, both physically and at heart. I had a broken hand, as well as a broken heart. I just needed a break from everything. From everyone. But I still couldn't digest the pain of not writing imagines/stories for you guys, because I know that they make you happy. I've read all the comments, and looked at the votes. You guys are honestly the sweetest people I've seen. Even though I haven't met any of you, I still hold a connection with each and every single of you. I love you guys a lot, an awful awful lot. I feel like we're family. And I let down my family for the past 3 months. No matter how much I apologize, I don't think I can ever earn your forgiveness. I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.

These 3 months, I've learned a lot. I'm healing, and I'm recovering from all the pain. I'm stronger than I used to be, and that, is why I'm back for you. I'm going to start writing again. This is what makes you happy.. and makes me also happy. And I promise, that I'll never stop until the day when nobody reads any of my stories.

#Believe in me. Please? I'll never do anything to hurt you guys. I'll never let you guys down like I did. I've learned my lesson. I just want my family back. You guys are everything I want in real life. You guys give me unconditional support, love and care. Even if it sounds a bit too much for an online-relationship, its still real.

I'm back for you. And requests are open. I'm sorry if I took up your request but never made it, just message me about it again, and I'll start doing them. I want to make you guys smile. That's all. :)

Plus, Thank you so so so much for 724+ K reads! And 9.3 K votes! Look at how much we've grown together. And I promise, that with your support, we can grow more and more everyday. In fact, our imagines book used to be the first in the imagines search list, but now it's somewhere down the list, so let's bring it up to the first! xD

And One More Thing:

I love you. So much.

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