33) "Mamacita, Always lock the door." Ⓡ

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**Please note, the twitter names and IDs used in this story are not real**

You and your dream boy, Justin Bieber have been dating for a duration of 3 years. You both just reunited, after a major screw-up on his part. But somehow, he managed to win you back. Your friends and family did their best to keep him away from you. It was 99% sure, that you weren't going back to him. But with that 1%, he won you back. After constant attempts for his apologies to reach you, he got you back. (That's sweet. ;3) 

People, and by 'People' I mean Beliebers, have been going crazy ever since the news of you two re-united came out. Once again, your 'Love' fans are back, and so are the haters. Things are all unicorns and rainbows again. Infact, Justin tweeted this.. 

Justin Bieber@justinbieber: Y/n's name sounds better with Bieber after it. Maybe its time I change it.. If you know what I mean.. :P lol.


 BizzlesBabe@xoxoxo: OH EM GEE! You're gonna marry her!!!??? :D

JustinIsMine@jasminebieber: OMGOMGOMG! YESSS! #MRSBIEBERONBOARD!                           

JustinFollowME@1256: @justinbieber, Have u proposed yet? now she knows! lol!                        

IAmMrsBieber@mrsbelieber: Awww :') I'm gonna change my name! (cuz its mrsbieber)              

TYSMJustin@ilysm: don't forget us justin.. we're here too. :)                                                                  

ILYJB<3@madambizzle: Idk what to say.. I'm jealous.. But I love you Justin! :'(

(Now, lets get back to the story..) 

It was a pleasant day.. after hours and hours of trying to get Justin off of you, you had a shower and came back. You closed the door, and took off the pink towel that was keeping you not as warm as Justin's arms. You took the long baggy shirt that said 'SWAG' in golden letters. You took a pair of shorts to match it. Its obvious you both are at home, but ever since you became Justin's girlfriend, you've become a fashion icon. Yet, he loves you the way you are.

You took the shorts and slid it up your thin, shiny, smooth legs.. and Justin barged inside the room. You said "Oh gosh! Justin!" covering your top half (Don't fear, you're wearing an intimate..) Mentally you face-palmed for not locking the door.

Justin blushed, and said "Ohh, I uh, didn't mean to.." and closed the door. Wait, you closed the door, so he wouldn't come in. You chuckled and said "Justin, what's the point of shutting the door when you're inside?" and he replied "I came in to get a kiss." Haha, he's been missing you so badly, and we can see it.

You said "We just kissed, before I showered.. Like 15 minutes ago.." and he walked closer to you, so close, his nose was touching yours, your lips ready to get printed on by his. He said "But Mamacita, 15 minutes is very, very long.." and rested his chin on your shoulder, his hands on your waist. 

You hugged him, as you said "Wait, what did you call me?". He replied "Mamacita" and looked up to weaken you, with his hazel eyes. You smiled, without knowing and said "You haven't call me that at all... Why now?" and you chuckled. He said "Sssh Mamacita.. Don't talk.." and attacked your tender neck.

"Justin?!" you exclaimed. He immediately stared at you, with his index finger on your lips. He nodded 'No' which meant don't talk. 

You sighed, and pulled him closer to your chest, so close, you could feel his heartbeat. He softly attacked your neck, and moved all the way up to your perfectly chiseled jawline. Nobody can explain the kiss. It was hot, ticklish, and very sensual. It seemed like real love. You closed your eyes and let the feeling sink into you.

A few seconds later, he pulled away, breathlessly and smiled. He simply held you in his arms, as you tried getting closer and closer (If it was possible!). He ran his hands from your neck, to your mid thighs. (You were not wearing your clothes, only intimates.) As his long fingers brushed you, he smiled when you got goosebumps. 

He didn't wait another second. He smashed your lips with his, very rough, like he's been hungry for a thousand years. As you gave in, he pushed you backwards, holding your hips, massaging lightly to relax them. 

He laid you down on the bed, and kissed everywhere he found skin. It was so intense, you had a burning sensation as he kissed them again and again. As minutes pass by, you were impatient, and so was he. 

He was beneath you, and he kissed your lips. The feeling was too much to handle. It was too much, your centre started aching, sending shocks. He slowly tilted, flipping you over, so you were beneath him. His hands found their way to your pink intimate, and discarded them, throwing them 5 feet away from you. 

He fondled with your bundle of nerves, showing them love. You never felt uncomfortable, as he you were safe under him. But you did feel nervous, as things that happened in the past came flashing up in your mind. He felt you getting tensed, and relaxed you, by rubbing your sides.

He hid his face inbetween them, as he just laid down on you, trying to catch his breath. You smiled, and ran your hands through his hair. He pulled the covers on top of you both. He kissed from your throat, and almost to your centre, and he quickly pulled your panty off, while you didn't even notice that.

It took a little while to even sense that his tongue is somewhere buried into your centre, trying to taste all of you. It was when, you couldn't take it. You squeezed his hands, as you were arching your back, completely off of the bed. He even pushed you down, so you would lay flat. 

Moments went by, and he moved up again, kissing every place he saw and he touched. It was unbearable, as your body was now hot as fire, and was aching. You let out cries, as the need increased. 

He finally moved inbetween you, his forehead on yours, his eyes set on you, his lips curved into a smile. He was looking into your eyes, as he very slowly pushed himself into you. The pain caused you to frown a little, blink, and close your eyes. But everytime you did that, he did something to ensure that you were feeling no pain. 

He was completely inside you, when his lips parted to say "Mamacita, I missed you so much.. I was lifeless when you were gone. I love you babe. So much.." and you replied "I can't explain the fe-fee-feeling.. I.. Uh.. *Moan* I, Um, *Moan*" He chuckled hearing your words. He moved in and out, as fast as he could.

Every time he thrusted, you would scream his name louder. He would say "Mmmm" in response. All good things, come to an end, and so did your special moments. You were close, and so was he. You screamed, breathlessly "Jus-tin, I'm, I'm gonna-" and he replied "Mmhm". But that wasn't the time you were giving in. So he said "Babe, just let it go. Show me how you do it girl." in a super raspy, sexy voice, that threw you over the bars of ecstasy.

Your world came down crashing, along with his own. He collapsed on top of you, breathing out loudly. He panted so hard, it seemed like he never breathed for a couple of minutes. He said, out of breath- "Mamacita, remember to lock the door." and you replied "Huh? What?" as you ran your hands over his shoulder blades.

He said "Remember to lock the door babe. It's because of you. You started something, that I had to end.." and you laughed. "Maybe, I should dress up keeping the door open often." you said. He hugged you tightly, as he whispered "I love you so much girl, it hurt so much when you left.." and you replied "I can't help falling in love with you, no matter what you do, or I do." and kissed him.

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"His words were echoing in my ears. Will I ever escape? Was he going to kill me? He says he loves me. But he's a criminal. He's a risk I cannot take. What should I do? All he's ever done was kidnapping me, and torturing me. Although he tries to keep me happy, I cannot fall in love with him.."                                                                                                                                                            (Excerpt from 'Three Hearts' A thrilling fan fiction. READ MORE! CHECK OUT MY PAGE!)

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