This isn't an 'Imagine', but it sort of is. I don't know what to call it. Its all those little things that happen between both of you. For example, how he kisses you, or hugs you. And, after a fight, or when you blush. So, give me an idea of what all of these should be called. Thank you! And yep, they'll give you a billion butterflies, better wrap your arms around your stomach to feel better, and remember to breathe eh!?


The way you both kiss is perfect. Justin always leans in agonizing slow, never breaks eye contact, giving you billions of butterflies in your stomach. His body would be pressed against you, making you feel your chest over his. His warm breath would hit your lips, and your hands would find their way around his neck. A second later, his lips would touch yours, your heart would be so fast, and you would run your hands through his soft hair. To keep you in place, his hands would be on your hips, giving them a light squeeze, if you don't give in, after his tongue asks for entrance. When you would gasp, he would use all his force, into pushing his tongue inside your mouth. After a good kiss, he would pull away, and observe your face while he goofily smiles at you. 


Nothing compares to the feeling of hugging Justin. His arms would be open wide, asking you to run to him and hug him. As soon as your body touches his; his arms would wrap around your figure, your head buried onto his chest, his head somewhere hidden in the crook of your neck. His warm breaths hitting your neck, would give you chills, while your hands that run up and down his back would give him butterflies. Neither of you would want to let go. You two would hold each other tight, unless somebody is suffocating. 

After a fight: 

You'd usually run into your room, hiding your face in the pillow, eventually filling the room with your sobs, and the pillow wet with your tears. Words would clash in your mind, not knowing what to do. Meanwhile, Justin would run his hands through his soft locks, in frustration. Somehow, he would manage to get near you, and apologize. He'd make sure you've fully forgiven him, and that you trust him. Later, he'd make up; showering you with kisses and hugs, along with 'I love you(s)' and promises that he would never break. 

When you blush:

He can make you blush like crazy with almost just anything. He likes it when you blush, your cheeks turning red, your eyes looking sparkly, and your lips perfectly curved into a smile. He finds it even more cute and adorable when you try hiding that smile. Sometimes, he would say something just to watch you blush over and over again. 

After a great night: (If you know what I mean <3)

There isn't an awkward, embarassing, but an extremely cute situation like this, The morning after he made love to you. He would never take his hands off of you, even after he's awake, he'd draw smileys, write something and doodle until you wake up. When you wake up, he'd say "Good morning beautiful" and kiss you. If it was a normal night, then you'd say something back, But since you guys did something special, words would never find their way out of your mouth as soon as you hear his voice. You'd blush so hard, and shiver, he'd notice it and chuckle. He'd say "Remember? 'Oh gosh, Justin! Go faster! Justin! Don't stop!'?" and look directly into your eyes. You'd turn completely crimson, and bury your head on his chest, playfully smacking him. 

When he's away:

There isn't a day when he hasn't called a dozen times, or has texted you for about hundred times. He'd call you to ask you what you're doing, or if you had food. Sometimes, just to tell you that he loves you, and you're his world. He would ask you, if he can come home right away. And you know it, when he misses you. The urge to cry and vent out everything would push you, and him as well, but you guys don't show it out. 

I Love You(s):

He would say 'I love you' at just any time of the day. When you wake up, when you go to shower, when you say goodnight, when you're sitting with him, on the phone, while watching T.V, at just any time. Its so random, you will never know when. Sometimes, its true, that you should remind a person that you truly love them. In that case, he loves you for real, and he also reminds you that every single second of the day. 

When he feels naughty, or he's 'Excited':

When Justin feels 'Excited' or in other words, wants some sexy time, you better be cautious. He would do anything to make you give in. From teasing, to puppy dog eyes, anything. And all his tricks work best only on YOU. He has no idea what effect that has on you. You have no other way, than to give it to him, right? *Wink Wink* 

When you're sad/upset: 

He would never ask you to stop crying. Instead, he'd stand there, with your head on his shoulders, holding you tightly, moving his hands up and down your back to calm you down when you cry. He'd never talk about it again, unless you open up about it. When you do, he'd assure you that he'll always be there for you, and will never let you in harm's way. His warm hugs and passionate kisses are your only remedies. 

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