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Hey there my lovely readers! Look at where 'We' are now..with 234K reads, and 3200+ Votes! All the credits don't go to me, it all goes out to you beautiful people out there. Who knew I'd reach here? I didn't. Infact, I wrote imagines to while away time, but it all just turned out to be this successful. I can't thank you guys enough. I love you all so much, I have no words to describe my feelings. Thank you so so so so much. I would be nothing without you guys. So without much delay- Here ya go! THE 50th IMAGINE! :D 



*Rum Pa Pam Pam Paaaa* (Drum roll)

TA DA! *Shiny things fly*

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"Hey beautiful" Justin said to you, as he held his hand out for you. Its the first time you're seeing him, and you were nervous as hell, standing in front of your idol. "Hi.." You said shyly, taking his hand. "What's your name? Besides beautiful?" He asked you, making you blush like crazy. "Y/n" you replied. You took a picture just like you're supposed to, and before you left, he pulled you for a hug. "Y/n? Do you think we could be friends?" He asked you. 'Oh my gosh, did my idol, my world just ask me if we could be friends?' You thought to yourself. "Ofcourse! Why not!?" You said, as you giggled. 

- 2 Years Later -

You were at Justin's house, sitting on his couch, watching a movie, munching on some popcorn. He's been your best friend ever since you met him at his Meet and Greet. You thought meeting him itself, is impossible. But god proved you wrong. You met him, And you've become best friends! 

"Y/n I need to get some advice" Justin said to you."On what Justin?" You asked him. "I'm in love with this girl.." He said. It kind of broke your heart to hear him say that he loves someone else. 'He would never love me..I'm just a fan' You thought to yourself, as you forced words out of your mouth- "Oh, who?" You asked him, as you faked a smile. "You know her, actually.. But wait, do you think I should tell her?" He asked you, staring into your eyes. 

"Yeah, I guess. W-who knows.. she might feel the same." You managed to breathe out. "Okay then. Here it goes." He said and continued "Y/n, I'm in love with you. I really love you. When I met you at my Meet and Greet, I felt something, like I already knew you for an eternity. Thats why I wanted to be friends, but I didn't know.. I would fall in love with you. But I did. You're beautiful, funny, and most of all, you understand me better than anyone else. I love you, Y/n." 

He said he loves you.

Your idol loves you!

"Y/n? Say something.." He said, as he shook you a little. "Is this real? Or am I getting pranked on or something?" You said, not wanting to admit your feelings to him. "Nope, its 100% real." He chuckled as he answered. "I'm-I'm sorry, Y/n if you-you don't feel the same.. I" He spoke, but you cut him off- "No wait, I love you!" You said. "You what?" He asked you in surprise. "I SAID I LOVE YOU JUSTIN DREW BIEBER" You yelled in excitement. 

"Come here" He said. You went closer to him as he said. "Closer.." He said. You moved closer. "Close enough to kiss" He said, as he pulled you towards him. Your noses were touching. You could feel his breath hitting your lips. You thought to yourself 'This feels better than those imagines I used to read on Wattpad' as he drew his hands around your waist, and leaned in slowly. It seemed like forever before his lips touched yours. You drew your hands around his neck. Butterflies erupted in the pit of your stomach. Your legs felt like jelly. Everything around you slowed down. Your heart was pounding so hard, you thought he could actually hear it if he puts his ears to your chest. Sparks flew everywhere when he shoved his tongue into your mouth. 

He slowly pushed you down on the couch, without breaking the kiss. His hands rubbed from your shoulder until they reached your hands, and entwined them. His body was pressed against yours, it was as though you guys were glued. You felt his chest, his abs, his skin on top of you. His hands were pressing yours down to keep you from breaking the kiss. A split second later he pulled away, noticing you couldn't breathe. Both of you were panting loudly, gasping for air. "I love you so much Y/n" He said to you, before crashing his lips on yours again. 

-3 Years Later-

Life has been a bliss since the time you started dating Justin, and you both got married. You both did have a lot of fights, and times where you or him walked away. But that only made you both stronger, because it hit you both right on your heads that you can't live without each other. You both are like Toothbrush and toothpaste. Without either one of them, the other is useless. And they'll always be kept together.

"Justin, I'm scared.." you said to him as he rubbed your pregnant stomach from one side. You were at the hospital, ready to give birth to your first child. Justin was laying down beside you, trying to de-stress and calm you down. "Its okay y/n baby, it will be alright. I promise I'll be here, don't worry you'll do great!" He said, as he massaged your hands. 

A few hours later, the medicines started working, and induced pain. "AHHHHHHHHH!" You screamed out loud in pain, crushing Justin's hand in yours. You gasped for air, as the doctors kept repeating "Come on PUSH Y/n, PUSH harder!" You screamed, as it hurt so bad, you would've chosen for a surgery instead. "I CAN'T OKAY! STOP SAYING THAT! I'VE BEEN TRYING FOR THE PAST 4 FUCKING HOURS!" You yelled in agony. "Y/n Baby, you can do it. Come on, on the count of three you're gonna try pushing okay?" Justin said, holding your hands, as he kissed your forehead. 

"1, 2, And 3!'' Justin said loud enough for everyone to hear. "AAAAHHHHHHHHHHH" You screamed as loud as you could, and you realized it was over. You watched Justin cut the umbilical cord, as his eyes widened at the sight of your baby. Before you could say anything, you blacked out. 

"Helloooo princess, this is your daddy" You heard Justin whisper and kiss someone. You slowly opened your eyes to find your husband kissing his daughter's forehead as he talked to her. He noticed that you were awake. He said "Hey Beautiful, you did great. Look at how perfect she is!" and laid down next to you. He cradled your beautiful daughter in his arms, as he kissed your lips. "She's got your jawline! Oh i'm so proud!" You said, and laughed. 

"Thank you so much Y/n, we're complete. We have our own little world, our own little family. I mean, we should have more kids though! But right now, nothing can ever compare to this moment. I love you so so so much. I can't explain how happy I am right now.." He said to you. You couldn't help but tear up at his words because he's been your world, your idol, your life, your everything even before you met him! 

Anything is possible if you Believe in it. And when it comes to love, nothing can ever be impossible. Love doesn't know Age, Color, Language, Religion or anything else that makes you different from the one you love. No matter what comes in between, your love will keep you together. I know many of you be-youtiful Beliebers dream of dating Justin, but hey, who knows? Its all very possible! All you gotta do is Believe! :) 

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