66) "In Sickness And In Health"

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"No.. Oh shit." You groaned, clutching the cushions. You weren't feeling so good, and to be exact, you were sick. Or 'Sick as shit' in your world. Your parents weren't home, and you were all alone. Being alone is itself a punishment. Being alone while you're sick is like double punishment. You heard your phone buzzing, and you looked at the caller ID which said 'Justin :)' Yep, you were best friends with Justin Bieber, and long story short- you've been in love ever since you were a Belieber. You smiled and attended the call.

You: Hello?

Justin: Is this Y/n?

You: Yeah, its me.

Justin: Wow, what happened to your voice? 

You: I'm sick Justin.. My throat feels like someone is trying to slice it and my whole body feels lifeless. It hurts to talk, and everything. Ugh.

Justin: Oh that's not.. so good. Did you go to the doctor? 

You: Noooo.. I'm all alone, It takes all my energy to even walk upto my room. Jesus christ.

Justin: Well, I think you should. I'll take you, Y/n. What do you say?

You: Ugh Justin, noo it's fine. 

Justin: You know what? Forget I asked you, now if you don't come I'll drag you out of your house baby girl.

You: Oh okay. Fine!

Justin: I'll pick you up in a few minutes. See you Y/n!

You: Yeeeah, okay.

"Ooooh" you groaned, tired after talking on the phone. By god's grace you were in somewhat-okay-ugh clothes so you didn't have to change. You heard a car pull up, followed by some loud knocks on the door, and you opened it to find Justin.

"Hey girl, whassup?" He asked, and you scrunched your face. "The temperature on the thermometer's up!" You said, and he chuckled. "Ready to go?" He asked, grabbing your hand. "Holy shit, it's like you're on fire!" He exclaimed after touching your hand.

"Uh huh, lets go.." You lazily said, and moved slower than a snail. "At this rate, you're never gonna make it to the car, love." He said, laughing. "Zip it Justin, it's my maximum speed!" You retorted, and he chuckled again. "Let me help you." He said, and before you could realize what was going on, he scooped you up in his arms, and ran to the car. After buckling up, and all that, he started driving to the doctor's place. 

He stopped the car, and helped you get into the doctor's clinic. After the doctor examined you, and checked you, she said "It's just an infection, Y/n. I know its hard to have it and be normal, but you'll be fine. I think it's best for you to get a shot." and you rolled your eyes. Justin was right next to you, watching your every move. 

"A shot, yeah. Wait, what you mean an injection!?" You said, your eyes nearly popping out of your head. "Yes, Y/n an injection. It'll make you feel better, and good." She said, and convinced you. 

"No no no.. I'm fine, I'm good..I-I don't need that." You said, panicking. 

"Forget her, just give her the shot." Justin said, and looked at your face.

You glared at him and said "You keep quiet mister! I'm warning you, I'll make a scene to get it because nobody is with me. And I can't expect you to stay with me either.." He just laughed at you.

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