Chapter 85

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Kylo was able to leave the hospital. Poe helps him get home while Rey was packing to go home.

Rey sipped her bag and grab her bag to walk out of the hotel. She was going in her car when she got a call from Poe.

"Hello". "Rey hey it's Poe, Kylo and I were wondering if you wanted to go to the bar with us," Poe said.

"No, I got a flight to go to," Rey said." Flight what do you mean flight" Poe said. Kylo looks at Poe as he talked to the phone.

Kylo out his game control down." Look I have to get back to Ben and my grandfather I call you after I take off okay" Rey said. She hangs up and goes inside her car.

She starts to drive and tries to focus on getting home not on Kylo.

"How could she do this we didn't even kiss yet and she leaving," Kylo said.

"You're complaining because you guys didn't kiss" Poe asked.

"No, I only saw her for a day, a few days ago, only for a couple of hours and she leaving," Kylo said.

"Well, Kylo what are you going to do" Poe asked." I'm going after her" Kylo said." Really" Poe said.

"Yes find us tickets now," Kylo said. "What are you going to do" Poe asked." Order Chinese" Kylo said.

Poe looks through his phone for plane tickets but all were booked and nothing for them that day.

Both eat all the food and look for tickets. Rey already called Poe telling him they took off. Kylo was upset.

"No tickets," Kylo said." No, let's see for tomorrow" Poe said. He got up and left the house.

Kylo put his hand on his face making them run there his hair. "Oh God," Kylo said.

Kylo grabs his phone and texted Rey.  Rey was typing in her computer, she was on Chapter 30 already, this part is when Kylo got drunk.

She stops typing when her phone buzzed. She looks at her phone and sees an unknown number. Rey opens her phone.

It says "Rey we need to talk". Rey looks around and types " who are you".

Kylo sighs "it's Ben" he types. Rey sees the words.

"Ben, what is it," Rey asked.

"Look why didn't you tell me that you left" Kylo type.

" Well, I have to go back to Ben," Rey said.

"Well, we could've gone back together" Kylo type.


"We both could have gone back to see our son together" kylo type.

Rey looks away from her phone and smiled." Well, why don't you come then".

"I will I will try," Kylo typed." You will" Rey typed.

"Yes". Rey smiles.

" Rey" Kylo wrote. "Yes".

" I still love you".

Rey looks at the words and read them a few times she couldn't even reply back. She just turns off her phone and continued with writing her book.

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