Chapter 48

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Kylo arrived at the campsite and brought his stuff with him to set up his tent. Rey sat next to Rose. Rose smile as Rey got out of the car with Kylo.

"You back with him," Rose asked. Rey nods and both hug. Finn and Poe help Kylo with the tent and as him if Reylo was back.

"Yes yeah we are back together," Kylo said.

All of them hug "let's have a toast between us three men, we are to be friends for life and hope that soon our dreams come true" Finn said.

"Well not one dream I had and I don't want to talk about it," Kylo said. Poe nods." So how where you able to get back together with Rey"?

"Well her father punch her and she ran to me, I was able to tell her everything and that nothing happened between me and Emma," Kylo said.

"Than what else happened," Finn asked." We both slept with each other then we fall asleep till the next day" Kylo said.

They nod and walked away. Kylo looked at then realizing they didn't understand they both had sex.

Once Finn was done with the fire they all sat around it looking at the flames and the warmth goes through their legs and hands. "It's so beautiful that we all get to do this together," Rose said.

Rey held her hand." I never did this before" Rey said. She looks up at Kylo and she lays her head on his shoulders. Poe looked at the perfect moment they all have, the experience they all are sharing to gather than he just started to sing and everyone looked at him.

Years of running, couldn't stop
Too afraid to sleep
Mind stays busy, eyes stay low
Look but never leave

Rey started to sing with him. She knew that song for years.

And then you
Taught me
And then you
Dig deep and don't be afraid
Dig deep and live
Dig deep and don't be afraid
Dig deep and live every day

Kylo kisses Rey head. "I didn't know you could sing". "Me neither don't feel sad," Rey said.

Rose smiled. "Could you sing?" Rose asked Finn."No, but I know how to do a British accent" Finn said. Rose looked at him.

"OH MY GOD, SHE SO AMAZING". Rose started to laugh as well as the other. Poe looked at them both.

"You all are big loser," he said. Rey smiled. "Yeah as long as we can spend the last year of high school together". Rey looked at Kylo. He looks at her and kisses her.

They both hug and he stares in space knowing he won't spend the last few months with them.

How am I going to tell her?

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