Chapter 56

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Kylo walked towards the classroom. In that room, Rey was waiting on the chair. It was lunch period.

As he walked in he saw Rey got up and walked towards him. They both shared a kiss and pulled away to hug.

"Okay um, so what happened last night," Kylo asked.

"My dad was being kind for once I don't know why but kinda made me worry," Rey said.

"Why," Kylo asked. Rey looks at him. His dark eyes cuter that a puppies eyes. "I don't know if he faking it or this is just a temporary thing," Rey said.

"Well let's hope that he doesn't just you again if he kind now is it better at least he stays kind," Kylo said.

Rey looks down. "I guess". Kylo cupped her chin and raise her head to kiss her lips. " I feel better" Rey said smiling. Kylo laughs.

"You're leaving tomorrow, it's your last day in school, we didn't have time," Rey said.

"We have all the time we needed Rey," Kylo said.

"Did we"?

"No, but I feel that we did and that all that matters," Kylo said. Rey smiles and they both kiss. He looks at her." After this period do you want to..." "Yeah sure," Rey said.

"Where," Kylo asked." Doesn't matter I just want you to take me away for a while" Rey said. Kylo nods and then the bell rings." I love that we have free periods" Rey said.

Kylo nodes. It's going to be their second one that day. Kylo took Rey hand and he walked her to the locker room. Once they got there, Kylo walked her to the back and opens a door to where the gym mattress is. No cameras. That a good sign.

He locked the door and turns to Rey." I didn't know we had a room like this" Rey said. "Me neither, I always wanted to open the door never could've for some reason," he said.

Rey kissed Kylo and he slowly put her down on one of the mattresses. He pulled his own shirt off. Rey never got tired of seeing those abs, toned chest. He kissed Rey neck and jawline going down her neck to kiss her stomach.

She sat up and Kylo pulled her shirt and expose her breast. He laid her down and he started to kiss her breast." Wouldn't you like it if they were bigger" Rey asked?

"No, I would never change anything of you, you're beautiful," Kylo said. He started to suck them. Rey smiles than bits her lips when he begins to suck.

Poe walked in the locker room and heard moans. He was scared and walked towards the door where he heard the noise.

"Rose, Finn seriously," he said. He tried to open the door but it was locked.

Kylo pulled away from Rey after he finishing sucking her clit to look at the door." It's crazy that you and Rose always do this" Poe said.

Rey laughs buts Kylo kisses her. "Alright fine I'm going," Poe said. Poe walked away and grabbed a box to see through the vent.

Kylo pushes inside of Rey and that's when Poe fall off the box. Rey started to laugh and Kylo covers her mouth. Poe gets up and walks away.

Kylo pumps in and out of Rey making her boobs bounce up and down. Kylo was putting too much force in his pumps, that just made Rey feel good.

Kylo kisses Rey lips as he pumps in her. Rey hands go through Kylo dark soft long hair. She then wraps her arms around him and legs.

He pulled away after a few minutes and looked at Rey. "I want more time with, you," Kylo said.

"We had enough time," Rey said. "Did we?" Kylo asked. "No, but I feel that we did, that's all that matters," Rey said.

Kylo smile and kisses her one last the before they would have to leave.

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