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A Reylo Romance: "Don't be Afraid, I Feel it Too" by BiancaWatson
A Reylo Romance: "Don't be Bianca Rowena
The battle on Starkiller base has been won, but can Rey escape her internal battle? Kylo's voice still calls to her in her sleep, and his words "I can show you the...
Stuck With You💖 by MinisterofMovies
Stuck With You💖by ⭐The_Elven_Slytherin_Jedi⭐
They have a bond through the force. Neither of them know how to stop it. Sometimes they appear in front of the other at the worst of times, and every time that it is a b...
Star Wars memes & art by im_that_dam_fangirl
Star Wars memes & artby im_that_dam_fangirl
Title tells it all. *•*•* #1 in Reylo - 15.5.2021
Not To Me - A Reylo Fanfic by Vans_in_May
Not To Me - A Reylo Fanficby McSneaky
What if Rey had taken Kylo Ren's hand? + Spoilers for The Last Jedi ahead + -- Kylo Ren x Rey Fanfiction -- After Kylo Ren successfully slaughters Supreme Leader Snoke a...
What If... by JoyLovesStarWars
What JoyLovesStarWars
What would've happened if Ben Solo had survived? We all know how he gave his life to save Rey's, but what if he'd healed her, and lived to tell the tale? In my story, Wh...
Bonded by PresidentSputs
Bondedby PresidentSputs
After Crait, the Resistance is all but decimated. It will take time before they regain the strength and numbers to be anything more than an annoyance to the First Order...
My Dear, My Queen, My Rey by johannaistrash
My Dear, My Queen, My Reyby Johanna Reylo Trash
What if Rey took him up on that opportunity to rule the dark side with Kylo Ren? What if he wanted nothing but her ... All it was was Rey but that's what he wanted ... ...
Alone (A Reylo Fanfiction) by awkwardlyreading2
Alone (A Reylo Fanfiction)by awkwardlyreading2
The bond between Rey and Kylo is getting stronger, and after their little "talk" in the throne room, will they be able to stay connected? As they face turmoil...
Be My Universe || a Reylo fan fic|| COMPLETED by Trini110
Be My Universe || a Reylo fan fic| Trini110
When Rey becomes a parental figure to a 6 year old, what could go wrong?.... With Snoke dead and Kylo ren acting as the supreme leader the resistance is yet to face man...
Will You Love Me? (A Medieval Reylo AU) ✔️ by LadyArwenEvenStar
Will You Love Me? (A Medieval LadyArwenEvenStar
Rey was just an orphan girl of the streets when she came to work at the castle as a servant. Her simple life would change forever when the renegade prince, Ben was broug...
Monster (A Reylo FanFic) Wattys 2016 by reylofanfic09
Monster (A Reylo FanFic) Wattys reylofanfic09
Rey has been captured by the First Order and is being forced to train alongside Kylo Ren. A man she sees as none other than a murderous monster. Every single day that pa...
Skywalker Rises by monstertam3r
Skywalker Risesby Monster Tam3r
A post-TROS fix fic. Ben & Rey's story after Episode IX. This story contains plenty of spoilers from Episode IX, and some from the Mandalorian. These are not my charact...
Star Wars Episode IX: Duel of the Fates by Emerald_Emily
Star Wars Episode IX: Duel of Empress Palpatine
(AU) Luke is gone. Kylo Ren is the new Supreme Leader. The Resistance is all but decimated. Now, all responsibility falls on Rey to balance the Force and bring an end to...
Forced To Love - Reylo AU by mikie545
Forced To Love - Reylo AUby mikie545
"You're going to marry Ben Solo." My grandfather, Ben Kenobi, pointed to a good-looking man behind me, and I found my eyes being glued on to him. I knew who he...
polarιze ~ reylo {ON HOLD} by ThatBubbleGumBxtch
polarιze ~ reylo {ON HOLD}by iz {HIATUS!}
in which two polar opposites meet during a long bloody war between their countries --Reylo Modern Kingdom War AU--
The Struggle with the Acceptance of Love by MattsCuteFriendSam
The Struggle with the Acceptance Kira Skywalker-Solo
This story takes place during TLJ after Kylo and Rey fought over the legacy lightsaber. I do not own any characters, all rights go to George Lucas. Both Rey and Kylo are...
The Resistance by user41964370
The Resistanceby JessG
Reylo fan fic: Realistic continuation of The Last Jedi. Focuses on Kylo Ren kidnapping Rey to join him on a quest to find the source of the Dark Side.
Be the Queen to my King (a reylo story)  by charlyb1406
Be the Queen to my King (a reylo charlyb1406
Disclaimer: *non of the art work is mine* If my story clashes with any other stories then apologies it is unintentional. Set after the last Jedi. Reylo story
Reylo High School Fanfic by StarWarsLover3
Reylo High School Fanficby Eva🖤
When Rey moves to a new town, she falls for the quiet guy named Kylo at school. Will he fall for her to? Where will their romance take them? Btw I'm horrible at descript...
Reylo AU by taehyungiecypher
Reylo AUby 𝙎𝙖𝙧𝙖𝙝!
Um. Well the story is a High School Reylo AU. Sorry if I suck at writing this is my first story. xoxo, Sarah