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i love you // wanda maximoff by emileeskata
i love you // wanda maximoffby ᵉᵐⁱˡᵉᵉ (they/it)
calista villarreal tries to fight ultron, but meets a brunette along the way. and she doesn't realize how much she'll affect her life. (wanda maximoff x fem!oc) age of u...
a cursed family by mrsatreides
a cursed familyby 𝙍𝙤𝙤𝙨
when a young jedi is saved by a smuggler and a wookie, she might get into some mischief.
The Archer's Point by ToMuchUmbrella
The Archer's Pointby ToMuchUmbrella
"That girl is kinda cute, how old do you think she is?" "That girl is way out of your league sis," Short love story Kate Bishop x Female reader Spoil...
Across The Stars // Star Wars (Sequels) by sunsets_and_quills
Across The Stars // Star Wars (Seq...by Sunsets&Quills
"They say home is where your heart is. Mine is among the stars, across the universe." The Force is a beautiful, amazing thing that no one truly understands. Bu...
youth → sebastian stan [1] by starkwalker
youth → sebastian stan [1]by jos
in which an actress falls for someone else on set that isn't her actual on screen love interest and sets the internet on fire. WINNER OF MARVEL FANFIC AWARDS 2016 FOR ...
[1] Lions Inside | Tony Stark by xarrow_hunterx
[1] Lions Inside | Tony Starkby xarrow_hunterx
"Everybody has a lion inside of them, waiting for the time to come out and roar" - Me - Jade Dawson is a shapeshifter who has been running her whole life from...
Message Me! | Star Wars by kylosgf
Message Me! | Star Warsby 𝑛𝑎𝑛𝑖
"KYLO: DID YOU JUST SEND ME TOE PICTURES?!" In which you are put into a chaotic, messy group chat with the (sequel) characters of Star Wars. **This is meant pu...
fools  → sebastian stan [2] by starkwalker
fools → sebastian stan [2]by jos
in which an actress now doesn't only have to fight the media for herself, but for the sake of her family. SEQUEL TO 'YOUTH' SOCIAL MEDIA ...
Close to Me {Poe Dameron} by kimmyiewrites
Close to Me {Poe Dameron}by kimmyie writes
Even though we both know we're liars And we start each other's fires We just know that we'll be alright Katerina Metonae kne...
You're Not Alone (Reylo Modern Au) by ReyloLife
You're Not Alone (Reylo Modern Au)by ReyloLife
Rey has been abuse since her mom died. She is not known in high school. She lives a very hard life until she meets Ben Solo. Ben Solo is has a loving family and popular...
The Pull Between Us - A Reylo FanFiction by another_reylo_fan
The Pull Between Us - A Reylo FanF...by Reylo
He smirked, he was quiet aware of the affect he had on her and hoped that in time it would be enough to switch her. They both had a struggle, with both sides pulling on...
Heir to Skywalker ⤇ Finn by f1tzs1mm0nsreyl0
Heir to Skywalker ⤇ Finnby Olivia Collins
"please, I don't want to hurt you!" "you already have." New Order Trilogy Book 1 Padme Skywalker, the daughter of Luke Skywalker and Mara Jade. A Jed...
Girl Almighty by lizziexxwrites
Girl Almightyby lizzie ⭐️
{prince caspian ff} Thorndash has many questions but when her paths cross with a runaway Prince she gets left with more questions rather than answers. She may have been...
let go☽ reylo  by kyloandthemoon
let go☽ reylo by kyloandthemoon ☽
Kylo pleaded softly, his pale, trembling hand reached out towards her with desperation. "Please." Rey's somber eyes wandered to Kylo's hand; it yearned for her...
life & death | jack wilder  ✓ by riverettes
life & death | jack wilder ✓by mag
- completed Rae Ashbourne has been running away from her problems for a long time. Hiding away from the public eye. Until she received a mysterious tarot card. Rae Ashbo...
Reylo One Shots by Reylo-Solo
Reylo One Shotsby Emo Killjoy
A collection of Reylo one shots (also featuring Adam Driver one shots) Credit to lillithsuar.tumblr.com for the beautiful pictures that I used for the cover!!
Be My Universe || a Reylo fan fic|| COMPLETED by trini110
Be My Universe || a Reylo fan fic|...by Trini
When Rey becomes a parental figure to a 6 year old, what could go wrong?.... With Snoke dead and Kylo ren acting as the supreme leader the resistance is yet to face man...
trapped | chaos walking by kagchinas
trapped | chaos walkingby kj (inactive)
in which a young girl gets trapped in the book "chaos walking." - chaos walking x oc [ started: january 4, 2020 ] [ ended: january 26, 2020 ]
Her Protector  by hellyjellybean
Her Protector by Helen Stewart
Rey's father worried for the fate of his daughter. Recent attacks on the royal family led him to believe the young princess could be the next target. Enter Kylo, a brood...
Apprentice |Rey| by Winkiee_3
Apprentice |Rey|by
Daughter of famous Jedi Knight, Luke Skywalker has became part of First Order Will there be something or someone that could change her mind? What if that someone is sc...