Chapter 1

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So like this is my first Reylo story ever and I hope you guys enjoy I use to make Thomesa stories in my other account ThomesaLife. Also, the video on top is from my YouTube Channel. If you want Reylo videos than there it is.

"And I like to say congratulations to the winner of the football game last night thanks to Kylo Ren".

"Everyone clap for Kylo Ren," Finn said. Kylo smiled.

Everyone in the hallway clapped for him. He was standing with his girlfriend Emma. A cheerleader.

Rey walked in with Rose and walks pass the students who were cheering for Kylo.

They walked in the bathroom. "Take off glasses," Rose said.

Rey pulled her sunglass and reveals her purple punch eye. "This was bad why he hit you," Rose asked putting makeup on her.

"For no reason sometimes he hits me for fun," Rey said.

"He messed up," Rose said.

After ten minutes Rey's eye didn't look like it been a punch. Rose always help Rey hiding her bruises. Rey was afraid to tell the cops about her abusive life cause if she does they'll take her father to jail and send her to a foster home.

They walked out of the bathroom and Finn walked to Rey and Rose.

"Hey, guys," Finn said. They stop walking and Finn looked at Rose.

"Hey," Rose said. She looks at him. Rey looked at them both knowing they liked each other but after three years and haven't asked each other out is really weird.

"Hi, Finn congratulations on the game last night," Rey said.

"Thanks, we work hard and sweat," Finn said. "Uh and we're having a party tonight in my house want to come," Finn asked.

"Sure am," Rose said as she put her hand in the air.

"Rey your in," Finn asked. Rey looked at him already knowing the answer to that which was ever answered when he asked that question.

"I can't," Rey said. "Come on you never come," Finn said frowning.

"No she can't it just she hates party," Rose said trying to help her out.

"Yeah I really do," Rey said.

"Okay too bad see ya," Finn said as he walked away to his friends.

"Do you ever wish you'd go to a party" Rose asked.

"Sometimes but I can't I know my father would say no and hit me for asking I can't even if I wanted to," Rey asked.

"I'd always wish life would get better for you literally that my birthday wish every year," Rose said. They both hug.

The bell ring." We're going to be late" Rose said. She grabbed Rey's hands and pulled her to class.

Kylo was talking to her friend Poe and Finn when Rey walked in the class and went straight to the back like always. He always wanted to meet her get to know her. She never speaks only to Rose and Finn.

He keeps his eyes on when " Hey babe". It was his girlfriend Emma the cheerleader.

"Hey Emma," he said. She kissed him and say on her sit.

"Alright students go to your sits and take out your textbooks to page 243 and let's start the lesson," Mrs. Cooper said.

Kylo turn his head to see Rey as she turns to the page 243. "Mr. Ren everything okay," the teacher asked.

"Yeah every okay," he said nodding.

"Okay then please turn to page 243 and start reading," the teacher said.

And he did what she asked.

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