Chapter 58

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Rey walked down the hallway. She heads straight to her locker with confidence. As she opens her locker she starts to grab the things she needs.

When she closed her locker she would always see Kylo standing there every day but not that day. He left. Rey walks away when Rose walked up to her.

"Hey you feeling better," Rose asked.

"Yeah but no, don't worry I feel better soon" Rey answered.

"Well you look very pale and look sick are you sure you okay," Rose said.

Rey nods and closes her mouth. "Rey... Rey are you..... Are you okay" Rose said.

Rey started to run. She made it to the bathroom and open the stall and started to throw up in the toilet.

Rose ran inside and looked at her. Emma was there too and walked to her.

"Is she okay?" Emma asked." I don't know" Rose answered. Rose bends down and rubs Rey back, but then Rey starts to throw up more.

She sits down and wipes her mouth with her hand." You're okay do you need anything I could get a paper" Emma asked.

"I'm fine thank you," Rey said." Yeah, I guess you miss Kylo" Rose said.

"I do" Rey answered. "Mmmm, your sure it's that," Emma said.

Rey looks at her." What do you think it is" Rey asked.

"I don't know just something," Emma said. Emma walks away and Rey looks down then realized what she meant. Soon she was up on her feet walking towards Emma.

"Please tell that what I'm thinking is not what you are thinking," Rey said.

"You have a little ball in your stomach" Emma answered.

"Ball no I'm talking about......" "Yeah, it's a ball right now that how they start so if you think what I'm thinking, then your right" Emma said.

"No," Rey said. "You are carrying Kylo baby aren't you," Emma said.

Rey looks at her. "Did you two have sex?" Emma asked.

"Sometimes," Rey said. "Protection," Emma asked.

Rey looks in her eyes and shakes her head. "You need to go to the hospital and take a test," Emma said.

Rey turns to look at Rose who was standing there. "Rose would you take to the hospital," Emma said.

"Yeah, I will" Rose said. Emma walked away and went inside the classroom. Rey shakes her head." I can't be Rose" Rey said. Rose hugs her.

After school Rose and Rey were waiting for the bus to go to the hospital. Than Emma showed up in her car.

"Need a ride," Emma asked. After getting in the car and in awkward silence Emma finally started to talk.

"Look, Rey, we both are going to talk eventually after everything that happened between me you and Kylo," she said.

"Okay, first why are you helping me," Reu asked.

"Because it the right thing to do," she said." I may not be able to have kids, but if you're able to than God bless you" Emma said.

"Also it's best to know now so you could decide what to do," Emma said.

"I can't have a baby," Rey said.

"Why not don't you have the best parents in the world," Emma said.

"No, I don't not even the best parent," Rey said. Emma looks at her.

"Really but your so kind and well behaved," Emma said.

"I raised myself," Rey said. Emma nods "me too my parents are always up in their job, we are forgotten," Emma said.

"I'm Rose". They turn to look at Rose who been left out of the conversation.

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