Chapter 2

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Rey walked home into the hell she lives and everything was dark inside. She walked to the living room and saw her dad sitting on the couch. He looked at her and she looked at him.

"How was school," he asked. Rey afraid to answer she just simply said: "it was fine". She started to walk upstairs till "Okay so your school won the game are you going to the party" he asked.

She stops walking and turns around to look at him." No no, I don't want to go" she said.

"You should go I have a stripper coming over to please me, so go," he said.

"Um...... What" Rey said confused. He rolled his eyes and got up walking towards Rey making her get scared." I have a stripper coming over and I want you to be OUT OF THE HOUSE".

"Okay," she said. He walked away and she ran upstairs. She closed the door of her room and took a deep breath and smiled.

She grabbed her phone and texted Rose. She smiled and stop "What am I going to wear"?

Kylo came home and saw his mother in the kitchen cooking his favorite meal.



They both hug and he smiled and looked at her." Thank you for calling me Kylo ever since I change my name legally out still call my Ben" he said.

"Yes, it hard to stop calling you Ben I mean I name you after someone who I really cared for an old friend in high school," Leia said.

"No it okay hey is my dad here," he asked. Leia shook her head.

"No". Kylo smiled and left the kitchen. His relationship with his dad is not that great they never really got along and Han has done so many things with Kylo when it comes to forgetting he was there.

Want to know well there forgetting him at the park, or losing him at the mall or when he forgot to pick him up from school or his award ceremony at school for winning honors and where Kylo really wants his dad to him is his games. Only his mom was there for him.

He did his homework and got a dress for the party. He then walked to the counter and look in his drawer. The condom Emma gave him. He still a virgin but Emma wants to have sex when Kylo the one who scared to have his first time.

He started at it and then just grabbed it and put it in his pocket. He walked out of his room and went downstairs. Han was coming up and Kylo says his dad.

"Son" "Han".

"It's dad and you know it," Han said. Kylo laughed and shook his head " when did you ever show or act like a father when you couldn't even hold me when I was a baby" Kylo said and he walked away.

Rey put on a white long sleeve shirt and jeans with her sneakers. She grabbed her bag and grabbed her phone and book and put them inside. She looked at her self in the mirror.

She walked out downstairs and heard the music and saw the stripper dancing. She went through the kitchen and open the door to leave. She walked to Rose house and she came out wearing a black small dress.

"Rey hey, "she said. She hugged her and looked at her." Honey what are you wearing" Rose said.

"Clothes". Rose laughed and pulled her back to the house. She made Rey change clothing. She put her a tank top and ripped jeans and grabbed a sweater for her.

"There you go," she said. And they left to the party. When they arrive Finn was there.

"Rose hey Rey no way you came you look hot um so don't worry my parents are here in the basement they are watching the game so they won't come up till the next morning," Finn said.

"Okay let's go," Rose said. Rey follows them and they went inside the house where music was playing and people dancing.

"Here have a drink," Rose said. She gave Rey a cup and she drank it. Rey was kinda having second thoughts. "Rose I thought I wanted to be here can we go," Rey asked.

"What Rey you just got her just wait till the cops come for making too much noise and then we leave there usually three times when they come," Rose said.

Kylo was talking to his friends and his girlfriend when Finn came." Hey Kylo I can finally introduce you to my friends this is Rose Tico and her best friend Rey Kenobi" Finn said.

Kylo looked at Rey who was silent. She looks at him and was kinda freak out that he was staring at her so she looked away. "How come you never introduce them to me before he always says nice things about you," Poe said.

Poe looked at Rey and smiled which made Rey smiled too. After a while, Rey was walking around the house when Poe walked up to her.

"Hey, I'm Poe"."I know Finn told me" Rey said. Poe smiled and they started to talk. He told her about his family and what he likes and Rey listen. She was always a good listener. But then it was her time to speak.

"Well my mom died when I was a kid and I was left with my dad and are a relationship is not that great," Rey said.

"I'm so sorry about your mom Rey," he said." It okay the only person who is close to me is Rose she always been there for me" Rey said.

"It good to have a friend like Rose in your life hey I'm going to get a drank you want one," he asked. Rey shook her head and he walked away. Rey got up and started to walk in the backyard she was looking around when she bumps into a person.

"Sorry I didn't mean to bump into you," she said. Kylo turns around and looked at Rey." No, it okay um your Rey right" he asked. She looked at him.

"Yeah that me and you Kylo". "Yes". She smiled and he smiled too. "Oh you're in my classes I always see you there," Kylo said.

"Yeah yeah wait you know me," she asked. Kylo looked at her and node." I don't want you to think as me as a creepy stocker I just curious" he said.

"About what"?" About you" he said. She looks at him. A boy a popular boy in school notice her." Okay, I'm going to look for Rose and tell her that I should get home" Rey said.

"The party started an hour ago," he said. "I know", she said." Look I want to go too here something I'm not ready to do and I want to get out of it" he said.

"Okay", she said." Hey, want to go to The Cook's " Ben asked.

"What that", she asked." It a diner not far from her" he said. Rey looked at him and thought for a while. "Sure sure", she said. They both walked out of the house.

Rey was drinking her chocolate milkshake and Kylo looked at her as he eats his fries. She looked at him "what"?

"Nothing just curious about you,", he said. Rey looks at him.

"Curious about what there nothing to know about me seriously just look at me", Rey said with a little giggle.

Kylo stares at her hazel eyes. "I was already looking at you".Rey looks at him and stare away and drink her milkshake. Kylo still looking at her and decided to face away.

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