Chapter 77

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Obi-Wan lay Rey on the bed after she passed out. He grabs a cup of water and puts a wet towel on her head.

"Rey, you are one in a million," He said. He touches her cheeks and looks away. Then he heard the little baby boy cry. He walked over to the crib and picked up Ben.

"Hi, shhhhhh shhhhhh," he said. Ben fall back to sleep and Rey started to wake up.

"What happened," Rey asked." You past out, I'm guessing the new player in the Alderaan team is the father" Obi-Wan asked.

"Yes," Rey said. He looks at the baby in his arms. "Rey you have a child, he beautiful and he a lucky child" Obi-Wan said.

"Thanks," Rey said. "Do when see you planning to tell the father?" He asked." I can't even call him he doesn't pick up" Rey said.

"Does he have any family member that still here?" Obi-Wan asked.

Rey looks at him." Right, Luke my dad even told me to tell him I could go to him and help me contact Ben" Rey said.

"Okay, so where is Luke" Obi-Wan asked.

"In the hospital, he was my doctor," Rey said. Obi-Wan offer to take care of the baby while Rey went to the hospital. She parked her car and ran inside.

"Hey nurse I'm looking for Dr. Luke Skywalker," Rey asked.

"Yeah, he in his office, room 66 third floor," the nurse said.

Rey ran to his room. Luke looks up and sees the young girl out of breath." Rey what is it" he asked.

"I need you to help me contact Ben, please he needs to know about his baby and his phone doesn't work to call, can you please contact your sister Leia so I could talk to Ben" Rey asked.

"Rey, sit down and let's talk," Luke said. Rey sat down and looks at Luke." Ben new captain Snoke, head Ben sign a contract saying he wasn't able to have any romantic encounter for seven months, that when the game has ended" Luke said.

"What that meaning," Rey asked." Meaning I had to sign a contract too, so did the Solos, Snoke has a lot of power, and I want Ben to have his career" Luke said.

"Luke, please I need to tell him, doesn't a father have the right to know they have a child," Rey asked.

Luke looks at the girl." Okay, I call Leia and try to figure out how to explain this to her" Luke said.

"Thank you," Rey said.

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