Chapter 27

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Kylo took a shower after the game to go to the party. He put jeans and a white shirt and white shoes and left the house.

He went to his car and pick up Rey. Rey walked in the car with Rose. She went in and Kylo jaw dropped.

He looked at Rey." You look...."

"Beautiful I know I'm am truly a hard worker," Rose said.

"You like beautiful," he said. "Thank you, you look good yourself," Rey said.

"Okay can we pick up my man," Rose said. Kylo smiled and started the car. They stopped at Finn house and Poe was there with him waiting for their ride.

Rey looked at the house. It was a big house, no disagreeing on that. Rey got out of the car. She pulled her dress down.

It was a tight black dress with short sleeves. She was grabbed Kylo hand and they walked in.

Rey looked around and saw all the beers and snacks in a table. All the drunk teen already. People making out or just dancing.

Teddy came with three cups of beer for Kylo. "Hey buddy hey Rey," he said.

Rey waved and grabbed a cup and drinks it. She turns her head and spits the drink back in the cup.

She hands put it on a table and then to Teddy." No drinks for me but thank you" she said.

Rey walked away and tried to look around the place.

She found Emma and she tried to walk away." You, don't walk away why are you here" Emma asked.

"I'm here with my boyfriend and friends," Rey said.

"Boyfriend not for long Rey he'll want me back sooner or later," Emma said.

"Please it not my fault you could never keep a man as that" Rey said.

"Will see?" Emma said. Rey walked away and tried to find Kylo. She found him and walked to him.

"Kylo I'm going to leave," Rey said.

"Why"? Kylo looked confused." I want to go home" Rey said." Okay, I leave you" Kylo said.

"No this is your celebration party I don't want you to leave and do nothing," Rey said.

"Okay, you're sure I don't mind leaving," Kylo said.

"I'm sure okay don't drink please that the only thing I'm asking for, don't drink," Rey said.

"Okay I promise," he said. Rey kisses him and leaves.

Teddy came up to him with a cup of beer for him and for Kylo.

"Your girl left, your lucky Kylo she very pretty," Teddy said. He handed him a cup but Kylo shook his head.

"I promise her I wouldn't drink," Kylo said.

"She doesn't have to know come on Kylo you want to drink some" Teddy drink.

Kylo looked at him and he thought "one little drink wouldn't hurt" he said. Kylo took the cup and drink it.

But one turn to two then four the six than eight and he was drunk.

Poe saw how drunk he was so he sat him down on a table outside.

"Stay here Kylo I'm going to take you home I'm calling Finn and Rose," he said. Poe went inside and Kylo sat outside.

Emma came outside. She looked at Kylo and sat in his lap.

She started to kiss him "Rey," he said. "Yes I'm here," she said. Emma smiled and kissed him again.

She pulled him inside to a room upstairs. She pulled her shirt off and pulled his. She kissed him and push him down on the bed and kissed his chest.

Kylo moan believing it was Rey. He should have listened to here. He broke they're promised.

Pow went outside with Finn and Rose." Where did he go" Poe asked?" He probably went home" Finn said.

"He drunk" Rose said. "Who knows we have to go my mom will know I left," Finn said.

They left the house and the light upstairs turn off.

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