Chapter 80

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Kylo was brought to the hospital as soon as possible. The rolled him to a room and started to check him and putting bandages for the cuts.

Rey was breastfeeding her baby. She looks down at the little baby and smiles. "Oh you're so cute I just want to eat you up," Rey said.

After the baby was full he pulled his mouth away from her breast. Rey put her shirt down. She starts to hit his back so he could burp.

After he burps Rey put him down on the crib so he wouldn't get used to being carried all the time or then he will just want to be in arms and carried.

But then Rey felt a pain in her chest like something terrible had to happen. She ignores it and looks at her baby.

Rey started to tickle him and he would start laughing." I love you, hi baby, " Rey said.

There was a knock on the door and Rey walked to the door to see Luke. "Hi Luke what are you doing here," Rey asked.

"We need to talk Rey," He said. Rey walked into her house and let him follow him." Please sit you need to" Luke said.

Rey sat down on the couch and looks at Luke." I told Kylo about you and the baby, " Luke said.

Rey sighs " what did he say is he mad what did he say".

"Rey he was shocked, but he was trying to come here and find you but something happened on the to the airport," Luke said.

"What happened, is he alright, Luke what going on" Rey asked.

"He was speeding and crashed, he going through a coma," Luke said.

Rey couldn't believe what she was hearing. She started to feel tears go down her cheeks, her face turn red and she couldn't even breath.

She bits her hand on her chest wanted to breathe but couldn't." Rey Rey hi Rey" Luke said.

"I can't breathe Luke, I can't breathe," Rey said.

"What's going on," Obi-Wan asked." Get her some water and open a window" Luke said.

Obi-Wan ran to the kitchen and grab a cup of water and ran back and handed it to Luke. Then he opens a window.

Rey drinks the water and started to breathe. She goes down on the floor and curls to a ball. "It's my fault, Luke, it's my fault he in the hospital, why-why" Rey cried.

Luke sat her up and pulled her to his chest. He comforts the crying girl. Obi-Wan rubs her back.

Rose, Finn, Poe, and Emma all sat in the Cooks eating when Pie looks at the TV.

"Kylo Ren new football player in Alderaan time won a game for the team his first game..."

"Wait, guys stop excuse me waiter can you turn on the volume" Poe asked.

The group looks at the TV and see the photo of Kylo.

"It seems to be that Kylo Ren was speed driving through the high way when a truck hit him. There is no news from the paramedics who took him but word has it that he in the stage of a coma"

Poe looks at the other." Rey, we need to go and see her" Poe said. The paid for the food and left running.

They made it to her apartment and knocked on the door. Luke opened the door and saw the group.

"Come inside she in her room," he said. They all ran inside. Rose took baby Ben from Obi-Wan after asking and walked to the room.

Rey was curl up in a ball laying on the bed. Her head started to hurt after all the crying. She was under the covers and her cover was wet from all the tears. Emma ran in the room and ran to Rey to hug her from behind.

The two girls embraced. After calming down the girl stop crying and drink tea that Poe made.

"Are you okay?"  Emma asked." Yes, I think, where my baby" Rey asked. "Rose took him out for a walk she said she will come back to see you to talk," Finn said.

"I need to see Ben, I need to see if he okay," Rey said.

"Rey he on Alderaan you really are going to see him," Poe asked.

"Yes, I need to speak to him, 10 months since I haven't seen him, and I should've been the one to speak to him, to tell him we have a baby, in person," Rey said.

"Rey he was going after you that means he cares," Emma said." Now look what happened, he in the hospital in a coma and he could be dying" Rey said. She already starting to cry again. Her nose and eyes were already red.

"This is killing me," Rey said. Rey puts the cup down and lays down.

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