Chapter 74

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Feel free to skip the bold words those are from chapters before. So it's just Rey looking back.

Rey was looking at her computer screen. She was trying to find what to write. She wanted to start her career.

Nothing pop in her head. The computer was new. She looked out the window they are passing through Alderaan right now. Rey smiles.

All she remembers is Kylo. She just loves him. And all she thought of was everything.

" Hey Kylo I can finally introduce you to my friends this is Rose Tico and her best friend Rey Kenobi," Finn said.

Kylo looked at Rey who was silent. She looks at him and was kinda freak out that he was staring at her so she looked away.

Rey got up and started to walk in the backyard she was looking around when she bumps into a person.

"Sorry I didn't mean to bump into you," she said. Kylo turns around and looked at Rey." No, it okay um your Rey right" he asked. She looked at him.

"Yeah that me and you Kylo". "Yes". She smiled and he smiled too. "Oh you're in my classes I always see you there," Kylo said.

"Yeah yeah wait you know me," she asked. Kylo looked at her and node." I don't want you to think as me as a creepy stocker I just curious" he said.

"About what"?" About you" he said. Rey was drinking her chocolate milkshake and Kylo looked at her as he eats his fries. She looked at him "what"?

"Nothing just curious about you,", he said. Rey looks at him.

"Curious about what there nothing to know about me seriously just look at me", Rey said with a little giggle.

Kylo stares at her hazel eyes. "I was already looking at you".Rey looks at him and stare away and drink her milkshake. Kylo still looking at her and decided to face away.

Kylo walked in the room and looked at them." You're just a girl leaving in her house with a dad that doesn't even love you and with a dead mom" Emma said.

Rey got up and ran out the school. She was in the football field and ran across it ahead to the woods.

Kylo was running after her." REY" he yelled. "What she right I have no one what the point of having someone when they are going to leave," Rey said.

"Rey I am always going to be here," he said. Rey looks at him " go I never going to have something that could stay there forever to back to Emma" she said.

"I'm not leaving you," he said. Rey looked at him "why-why not" she cried. Kylo grabbed her and kissed her in the lips. He pulled away "I think I'm falling in love with you," he said.

Rey looks at him as the got wet from the rain. But they didn't care they were just lost in each other eyes.

"Kylo I can't I won't I don't need this," she said running towards the school. Kylo stood there and chase Rey and grabbed her.

"Rey I do anything just for you to be happy what can I do," he said. Rey was already crying sad that she would let him down soon. But all she wanted was his love so she pulled him and kissed him on the lips.

Rey was laying on her bed smiling. She touches her lips and still couldn't believe she and Kylo kissed.

Her phone ring and she saw it was Kylo. She smiled. She types "hey".

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