Chapter 84

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Rey walked to Kylo and sat on the bed. She looks at him.

"I start or you start," Rey asked." You, you should go first" Kylo said.

"Okay fine," Rey said. She looks to his eyes." Ben, I'm so sorry I didn't tell you myself about our son" Rey said.

Kylo sits up." No no Rey it's not your fault" Kylo said.

"Maybe, but I should have told you earlier before like when I was pregnant," Rey said." But why didn't you tell me" Kylo asked?

Rey looks down but Kylo grabs her chin and lifted her head up. "I didn't tell you because we promised to move on but than Poe told to do what was right than I gave birth he called over and over again but you didn't answer I tried you didn't answer, you just started your career and I didn't want to ruin it because of me and the baby".

"No no no no no no Rey you would never ruin my life, not you, not the baby, you're the reason why I live," Kylo said.

"Ben I, I don't know how long I could see you I have to go back home to Ben and who knows who my grandfather is doing," Rey said.

"Don't go yet can you tell me what happens to your dad" Kylo asked.

Rey puts her hair behind her ear. "Well I was four months pregnant when I told my dad he slapped me a few times but he then he stopped and he asks me to call the cops to demand him I forgive and I see him every week," Rey said.

"And we had a boy," Kylo asked smiling. Rey laughs "yeah, the baby a boy and he healthy, beautiful, he looks look you and I named him Ben like you".

Kylo smiles. "When can I meet him". Rey looks at him." Do you want to meet him" Rey asked?

"Yes I do, there is nothing more than I want than to meet him, " Kylo said. Rey smiles and holds his hand. "I don't want to put him on a plan though," Rey said.

"Than I come to Coruscant," Kylo said. Rey sighs and looks at him." Hey, I want to meet him and him my son and we did make him" Kylo said.

Rey starts to laugh loudly. Kylo joins laughing." What all the laughing" Leia asked walking in the room.

"Nothing jokes," Kylo said." I can take jokes" Leia said." I don't think you want to hear this one" Rey said.

Leia looks at Kylo and Rey trying to hide there smile." Okay after seeing you guys like I'm fine I brought some food here you go" Leia said. She handed them sandwiches.

Rey gives one to Kylo and she starts to chew on one. "Hey what happened to Chewie" Rey asked. She looks at Han and Leia and Kylo.

"Yeah, he fine" Kylo said.

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