Chapter 37

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When they got to Naboo they all went straight to their hotel. The counselors of the hotel could careless and let them sleep with anybody.

So Rose slept with Finn and Poe stayed with Rey. Both sat in their separate beds but playing 5-second rule.

"I win," Poe said. Rey frowned. "Hey, it not my fault that I could name three things in less than 5 seconds," Poe said.

Rey nodes and puts the cards to a side. "Let's go out let's look around Naboo we could never come here again," Rey said.

Poe nodes and they walked out of their room. They both looked at the nice buildings and the hotel they stayed in.

"Rey hey" Rose yelled. They walked to Rose and Finn and they all explored together.

Saw all the beautiful gardens. Kylo spent most of the trip alone. But it was peaceful for him. He was just trying to get to know who he was. To go back to the person he was before all that crap in his life.

He finally decided to shave his beered. "Nice and smooth," he said.

They all spent the next few days together and couldn't wait to go to the lake.

Everyone got to go they all had to. Rey was wearing a black bathing suit. She was in her covers. She tries to stay away from the water. Not that she can't swim she can Kylo thought her.

She didn't want to get out and show her body. The cuts and bruises were not that visible thank to God.

Rose walked to her." Hey, you coming"?

Rey looks at her "I don't know I mean it the last day here but i just don't want to show my body i don't like it".

"I mean you have A size breast and a normal looking butt and skinny but you still are pretty," Rose said.

"Thanks for telling my own features to me, Rose I can't go in," Rey said. Rose frown "okay well see ya".

Rose left and went to the other. Rey sat there looking around seeing how fun everyone having.

Then she looks at Kylo with Teddy playing in the water having fun. She turns to Emma with a bikini. Nice yellow bra ties around the back of her neck and upper back and a water skirt around her yellow underwear.

Rey looks over at her friends. She looks down at her and tries to take a deep breath. Her hair is loose and being moved by the wind.

She slowly gets up and tries to lover the back of her bathing suit to not show her butt. But it keeps on going up so Rey tried to play it cool.

She just wants to have fun with her friends. So she drops her towel and her black swimsuit showed. She walks to the water and Kylo jaw drops when he turns to see her. Teddy turns around and looks at kylo.

"Yeah you lost a pretty good fish," Teddy said. Poe smiles as he saw Rey. Emma was looking at her ass and looked at her own." At least she doesn't have the upper part" Emma said.

Rose smiled when Rey got in the lake.

"You did it," Rose said." The water cold" Rey answered.

"Yeah you'll get used to it done worry," Rose said.

"You have boobs," Finn said." A size Finn A size" Rose said.

"His do you even know Rose" Rey asked." I saw your bra size" Rose said.

Rey nodes and smiled. They both hugged and Finn starts to splash water at the girls and they start to splash back.

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