Chapter 13

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Rey was lying on her bed. She couldn't believe that Rose told Kylo her secret. She finally was able to get up and walked around. She grabbed a shirt and put it on.

"What am I'm going to do," she said.

The day past by and Rey was able to go to school. She got dress and grabbed her bag. Of course, her dad has work if not then how will he pay for the rent.

She walked to school afraid. She was scared to explain to Kylo about her life. She made it to school and Rose ran to her and hug her.

"Rey I'm so glad you okay," she said.

"Rose don't hug me too hard," Rey said. Rose let go and put her arm on Rey's shoulders.

"Look, Rey, I am so sorry for telling Kylo but I had no choice," she said.

"Its okay but I don't know what I'm going to do....." she stops when Kylo walked up to her from the side and looked at her in the eye.

"Rey can we please talk," he said. "Um you see Rey I said I meet up with Finn so I'm going to..... bye" and she ran away.

"Rey please talk to me," he said. She shook her head." I can't explain it, I'm sorry but I can't" she said.

Kylo grabbed her hand before she walked away." Rey please please" he said. She looks in his eye.

She walked away and Kylo followed her. She went inside the school and Kylo pulled her go the janitor closet.

"What are you doing," she said. "Tell me we do not tell anyone why just stay in that hell hole forever Rey I'm here I could help," he said.

"If someone finds out I be sent to foster care," she said.

"Isn't that better than being there look you don't have to go to foster care Rose can help you I could help you, Rey please I do anything for you?" he said.

"Kylo please this is none of your business just don't tell anyone please," Rey said.

"Rey please"  he wrapped his arms around her she tried to pull away with her arms on his chest trying to push herself off.

"Let me go," she said." I'm not letting you go till you tell me everything Rey" he said.

"There no point," she said." Rey look I promise you and I can't believe I'm going to promise you this but I promise..... I promise I won't tell anyone about your father" he said.


"Yes I just want you to explain to me everything," he said. "You promise," she said.

"Yes, also if I get to do this," he said. He kissed her and Rey was surprised. She couldn't even react to it but once she realized what was happening she wrapped her arms around him.

His fingers got tangled in her hair. He pulled away." I think I like it if you do that" Rey said. She smiled and Kylo did too before he kissed her again.

Once the bell ring and the hallway were empty Rey ran to the classroom before the late bell ring and then three minutes when the class started Kylo ran in the class.

"Why you always coming late," the teacher asked.

Kylo looked back at Rey and she smiled and put on her hoodie.

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