Chapter 51

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Rey was making food when her dad walked in the house.

"Hey Rey how it going," he asked.

"Nothing much um mac and cheese," Rey asked. He sat down on the table and looked up.

Rey grabbed a plate and serves him. She purs orange juice in a cup and gave it to him. He started to eat and Rey walked away.

"Not going to sit with me," he asked. Rey looks back and sits across from him. "Not going to eat" He asked.

Rey gets up and serves herself. She serves a cup of orange juice for her and sits down. She starts to eat both in silence.

Ray father looks at her daughter. How much she grew and looks exactly like her mother. He hasn't looked at Rey as his child for years. He looked at her as a doll who he could play with, as in beating her making her clean. Not giving her freedom and peace. He shouldn't be hiding in his room when his wife died and leaving Rey only. He had to be there.

He couldn't even eat anymore he looked at his hands and look up to the mirror in the side and just was disgusted. He got up from the table and walked away. Rey looks at him walk away.

Rey looks down when he comes back and takes his plate and goes back upstairs again. Rey looks at her plate and stops eating. With a little left in the plate, Rey throws it out and wishes the dishes.

She goes back upstairs and closed the door and goes to bed. She snuggles up with her blanket and sleeps takes her away.

Next Morning

Rey wakes up and sits up trying to wake up completely. She got off the bed and walked to the closet. She found a dress she bought it already getting hot outside so why not.

She put that on with a jean jacket and some small boots. She grabbed her bag and walking downstairs. She doesn't see her dads car keys so that means he left. She walks out of the house with a banana and waits for Kylo.

Kylo was driving and saw Rey waiting. He stops in front of her. Reh gets in the car and kisses Kylo. "Hey Rey". "Ben how are you".

"Fine cause your here," Kylo said. "I was looking for amazing" Rey said. Kylo laughs and kisses, Rey. He starts the car and drives off to school.

Rey gets off the car with Kylo and they both walk in the school together. Everyone looks at them surprised. Rey hears everyone saying "they're back" "I thought the broken up" "how are they back together" "REYLO".

Rey looks at Kylo." Just ignore them" He said. Rey nodes and they walked in the class.

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