Chapter 59

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"Hey so are you going free pregnancy test," Emma asked the nurse.

"No sorry miss that only happens once every three months," The nurse said.

Rey looks down." What are we going to do" Rey asked?

"We are going to buy a test in the pharmacy," Emma said.

"Yes because we really need it," Rose said.

They all got up and left and Finn sat up with his mouth open.

After a drive, they were at a pharmacy. "Hey, do you want to wait here and we get it," Emma asked. "Yeah thank you," Rey said.

Emma and Rose walked toward the door." Hey, Rose, could you ask for the test because me asking for that" Emma said.

"Fine, I ask," Rose said. They walked in and Finn followed.

The walked up to men." How can i help you ladies today" he asked.

"Um we need a pregnancy test for a friend," Rose said. He laughs." A friend I could help your friend" he said. He looks at Rose thinking the test for her.

"What type do you want," He asked." The most positive there could be most definitely positive" Rose said.

"Okay i think we have one give me a moment," he said.

He walked away and Emma moves her head to the right." Oh, I need shampoo" Emma said. She walks away." Oh me too" Rose said and walked to the shampoo department.

Finn walked in the store. The girls walked back to the counter to get the test." Okay, the shampoos to okay let me scan those" he said.

After scanning everything "that be $14.68". Emma paid the men and grab the test with the bag of the shampoo.

"Oh I want to buy some chips and gummies for Rey of she is you know," Rose said. Emma nods and Rose walks away

Emma looks at the test and looks up to see Finn. She throws the test back and hit the worker who helps them. "That the father," he said.

"Emma what are you doing here with Rose," He asked." Oh um, shampoo" she answered.

"Okay, I got the chips and gummies for..... Hey, Finn" she said as she took notice of him.

"Hey what are you doing here," He asked.

"I could ask you the same thing," Rose said." Gets some pills I was told to get by my doctor at the hospital today" he said.

"We went to get shampoo and these things," Rose said. He nods. "I'm going to buy these" Rose said.

She walks to the men." You could have them for free miss" the worker said. He smiled. Rose smiles "thank you".

"Well Finn sees you soon we better get going," Rose said.

They walk away." The test" Rose asks as they both walk out the door." I left it".

They got in the car. Rey looks at them." Where the test" Rey asked.

"She left it," Rose said." What"?" Finn was there and I got scared so I through it before he saw it" Emma said.

"Now what" Rey ask." Come to my house and we go back for it later" Rose said. They drive away.

Finn grabs his pills." Thanks um do you know what the girls ask for " he asked.

"Yeah, here it's a pregnancy test, maybe you could give that to the girl," He said.

"Wait which one the blonde one wait she can't have... So the girl with the black hair asks for this" Finn asked.

"Oh yeah she did," He said smiling. Finn nods and passes out.

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