Chapter 78

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Kylo buts his trophy on a shelf. He smiled and walks to his king size bed. He was able to buy a luxury apartment in Alderaan.

"Now this is the life I wanted," he said. Even though he had an apartment and money and fame now he just wants one thing. Rey.

"I'm going to find you Rey don't worry," he said. He closed his eyes and fall asleep.

Luke looks at the phone in front of him." Oh God please understand" he said.

He picks it up and presses on the numbers to call Leia. He waited. "Please don't answer please don't answer"...." Hello".

"Leia hey, how are you," he asked. "I'm great thanks how are you Luke" Leia asked.

"I'm great yeah is Kylo doing while sure he is," Luke said." Yeah, he got himself a luxury apartment" Leia said.

"Nice wonderful hahahahahahahah". Leia looks at her phone confused on what just happened.

"Well Leia I have to tell you something," Luke said. "What is it," Leia asked. "What is it what is it oh wait what is it," Luke asked himself.

"Bye Luke," Leia said. "May the force be with you," Luke said. Leia hag up. Luke puts the phone down and puts his head down.

He failed. But he couldn't do that to his family, to Rey, to his newborn nephew, to Kylo.

Luke looks at the phone. He picks it up and calls Leia once again.

He waited." Luke what is it" Leia asked.

"Leia hear me out okay it's important that you hear me out," Luke said. Leia sighs and nodes " fine tell me, I'm all ears".

"You're a grandmother," Luke said. Leia didn't know if she believes him or if he is crazy out of his head.

"Are you okay?" Leia asked." Leia listens to me I need you to contact Kylo for me tell him to call me as soon as possible" Luke said.

"You're scaring me," Leia said," Leia tell Kylo to call me its a must," Luke said. Luke hangs up and takes in a deep breath.

He sighs and looks down to the floor. "Please call me Ben," Luke said.

Kylo was sitting on the chair eating his take out. As he ate the noodles he got a call from his mother." Hi, mom what up" Kylo said.

"Kylo, your uncle called, can you explain to me why he said I'm a grandmother," Leia said.

"What," Kylo asked." Sweetie did you have a baby" Leia asked.

"No, not that I know, mom I don't know I think if I had a baby I would now by now," Kylo said.

"Okay oh um your uncle Luke ask you to call him it very important he said," Leia said.

"What does he want," Kylo asked." I don't know just call him here his number" Leia said. Kylo wrote it down and hang up on his mother.

"Grandmother, what did he get crazy or something," Kylo asked himself.

He called Luke and Luke quickly answered.

"Kylo this is you," Luke asked." Yeah, what is Uncle Luke" Kylo asked?

"You know I'm a doctor right," Luke said." Yeah" Kylo answered.

"I had a patient here to give birth to her baby, months ago when she was in her fourth month she came after demanding her father for abuse, and four months before that, she found out she was having a baby when you left to Alderaan," Luke said.

"I lost you there," Kylo said.

Luke rolled his eyes and sighs " that patient name was Rey Kenobi" Luke said.

Kylo took a well to understand that if the patient was Rey, and she gives birth than she was pregnant.

"Luke are you saying Rey has a child," Kylo asked.

"Yes, and Kylo one question for you, do you want to be a father," Luke asked.

Kylo drops the cup of water to the ground. "I'm a Father".

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