Chapter 32

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The whole day rumors were spreading and the group tried to keep it from Rey.

"Rey just saying next time chose a better man," a girl said and she walked away. Rey confused turn and grabbed the things she needed before leaving school.

"Rey um I can't leave you at your house today need to do something," Kylo said.

"Okay, that okay I was planning on going to the mall with Rose that shocking" Rey said.

Kylo kisses Rey feeling like it was the last time. Rey pulled away but Kylo put his lips on her once again.

"Don't you have to do something?" Rey said. Their nose touch and forehead touching two.

"Yeah, goodbye Rey," he said. Rey smiled and closed her locker and Rose came.

"Was he treating you well?" Rose asked. "Yes he was he had to do something now do I have to go to the mall," Rey said.

"Yes yes you do," Rose said. Rey was pulled by her and left the school.

Kylo waited for Emma to get in his car. When she got there she tried to calm down.

"Ready," Kylo asked. Emma nodes and he starts the car.

After silents for at least twenty minutes, Emma decided to speak "its a good thing that the hospital where doing a free pregnancy test then who knows how much we have to pay".

Kylo tries to ignore her but if she does come out pregnant he would be ignoring the mother of his child.

"Yeah that's good," Kylo said. When they got to the hospital they full out papers and waited.

Once Emma pee in the cup she waited for the results of the test. Kylo waited out the room.

When the doctor came Emma started to cry when she heard the news.

Emma tried not to cry and took a deep breath. She walked out of the room.

"Well, what did they say," Kylo asked.

"I'm not pregnant, um they said periods don't come on time most of the time," Emma said.

"Okay okay, that good" Kylo said. Emma smiled and walked away.

He took her home and left. He smiled happy that she not pregnant.

Rey bought a couple of cloth. Three knee-length dress, two pants, five shirts, leggings and two pairs of shoes.

Ross bought twice as much than that. Then they decide to eat. Getting food in The Cooks Rey order a double cheeseburger, chicken tenders with French fries and a chocolate milkshake.

Rose order a soda with chicken tenders and French fries and a BLT, two BLT.

Rey looked through her phone as Rose was talking and something grabs her attention.

"Rose hear this" Rey said.

Rose stop talking." The cute couple could trust each other but when the men get drunk and get a tattoo the same night they have sex with another girl than that couple can't trust each other. This is for the Reylo fan on my school" Rey said.

Rose was shooked." Ben slept with another girl" Rey asked.

"Yes he did Rey look he was drunk okay he was intoxicated, he had no sense what he was doing okay Emma was too," Rose said.

Rey looked at her." He had sex with Emma"?

"I'm so sorry Rey, " Rose said. Rey walked back home trying to not cry but she wouldn't feel any better if she didn't confront Kylo.

She hides her shopping bags and leaves her house. She tries to calm down. "Why Ben why" she said to herself.

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