Chapter 33

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Rey knocks on the Solo family door.

Leia open the door "Rey hi Kylo upstairs um why are you here"?

"I need to talk to Kylo it an emergency" Rey said.

"You're not pregnant are you," Leia asked.

"No, I'm not I need to speak to him," Rey said.

Leia lets her in and she walked upstairs. She knocks on Kylo door.

Kylo opens the door and sees Rey." What are you doing here"?

Rey walks in and locks the door." Is it true you slept with Emma" Rey asked? Her eyes already full of tears.

"Rey before I answer just know I love you okay and I love you so much but you have to understand I was drunk........"

"Did you YES OR NO" Rey interrupted him. Rey looks at him and Kylo nodes.

"Why would you do that why and with her especially with her, " Rey asked.

"I was drunk and I didn't know what I was doing Rey I didn't Rey I'm so sorry please forgive please," Kylo said already crying.

Reg looks away. She starts to sob." Rey forgive me please" he begs.

He tries to hug Rey but she didn't hug him back. He kisses her even if they both were sobbing and crying and with her hair in her face.

"Do you forgive, Rey please forgive me" Kylo cried. He kisses her again but Rey pushes him and slaps him.

"No, I don't I DON'T KYLO I DON'T" She yelled.

Him hearing her calling him Kylo I stead of Ben hurt his heart.

Kylo goes on his knees and grabbed her hand." Please forgive me, Rey, please I do anything" he said.

"Okay then get up," Rey said. He got up and looked down at Rey.

"And hear me out," Rey said. Kylo looks at her.

"I don't want anything for you, I don't want to talk to you again or even see you, you broke my heart and that was because I fall in love with you," Rey said.

He was push back and fall on his bed. He looms at Rey sobbing.

"I HATE YOU, I HATE YOU" Rey cried. Kylo tries to reach out for her.

"Don't touch me I'm done with you Kylo trusted you and I'm tired of being lied to I'm done with you," Rey said.

Han and Leia had a cup in their hands trying to listen.

"Rey please let me explain" he cried." You were drunk and you broke a promise that we never lied to each other no Kylo I just do understand why it had to be with her" Rey cried.

Rey left the room and ran down. Kylo closes his eyes and cries. Reg ran out of the house.

She didn't even want to go home. She just going to walk alone.

Leia and Han walked in the room." How could you do that Kylo a girl like Rey didn't deserve to be hurt" Leia said.

"I don't know mom I don't know what to do" Kylo cries.

"My son was really mess up," Han said. He left the room." What are you going to do now" Leia asked?

Kylo gets up and grabs a jacket. He ran out of his room downstairs out the door.

He tries to look for Rey. "Where are you," he thought.

Rey cried on the high way road walking down the street. Rey pulled on the necklace and took it off throwing it on the ground.

She kept walking till she felt she was ready to go home.

Kylo running around the whole street trying to find Rey. He goes to the high way road and tried to look for Rey. He looks back but couldn't find her till he saw the necklace on the ground.

He picks it up and cries. He walks back home and looks at the necklace. He misses Rey. Everything about her.

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