Chapter 17

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Han was walking in his office when his boss comes and handed him a file.

"What that," he asked.

"Just information about your promotion," he said.

Han looked at him." Wait what" he asked.

"Your promotion you will run the office in Alderaan," he said.

"But we are in Coruscant that 2000 miles" Han said.

"Yeah but hey you earn it a huge rise in your paycheck, get to live in a nice penthouse also you know how your son wants to be a football player well there a school there," he said.

Han smiled shake his hand. He was happy." When do I have to be there" he said.

"Yeah um about that it will take about eight months or so for the job to start it just you that the last boss was a dick and he had all of his pictures throughout the building and um his own personal work put place game room so it takes time to move out congratulations Solo you earn it" he said.

He smiled and started to dance around his room.

Kylo walked in the home and saw his mom roasting potatoes and Turkey." Mom what that" he asked.

"Turkey," she said." Why is it my birthday" he asked?

"No". "Did I do something good?" he asked." Not that I know of" she said.

"Okay then what it's for," he asked." You'll know soon oh how Rey" she asked.

"She good I invited her for dinner and we were going to the movies too," Kylo said.

"Okay well go on and look handsome," Leia said." Mom" he said.

"Sorry your are beautiful now go you sink of sweat," she said.

Kylo went to his room and threw himself on the bed. He grabbed his phone and called Rey.

Rey got her phone and saw it was Kylo. She answers it." Hey, Ben" she said.

"Rey coming tonight we have a lot of food good food," he said.

"Yeah I'm just trying to finish my homework," Rey said. "Right we have homework," he said.

"Ben". "Rey, look I'm going to do it okay I promise, by Rey," he said. "Bye Ben" she hangs up the phone and put it down on her bed.

She felt her wound open so she got up and lift up her shirt and saw her cut open. She grabbed her mini ad kit and started to stitch her cut.

When she finished she tried to forget the pain. It hurt her badly and she was scared that when she goes that night to Kylo house he will see her cut or afraid if Kylo parents see the cut.

This wasn't the same cut as the one she got months ago this was different than her dad gave her. It much bigger and half of it was only bleeding.

When Rey heard her dad walk in the house she was scared to move. When she walked out of the room she slowly walked to the stairs and went down slowly she peak to only see her father drunk.

She walked back upstairs and closed the door. She then sat on her bed to do her homework.

Kylo walked put the shower and grabbed a pair of a boxer. He put them own tried to find good pants and shirt." Found it" he said.

He put them own and walked to his closet to grab a pair of socks and shoe. He walked downstairs and walked to the kitchen.

He saw his Mom serving the food. She looked up." Kylo you look so boring" she said.

Kylo heard the door and saw Rey. "Hey," he said. She smiled.

"Hey Kylo yum I could smell the food from here," she said. She walked in and went to the kitchen.

" Good afternoon Leia," she said." Hey dear". They both embrace with a hug. Rey sat down with Kylo.

"Um I am going to change I will be right back," she said.

They watch her go upstairs and Kylo turns to Rey.

"How did you get out of the house" Kylo asked.

"Easy he was drunk and he had another girl come over," she said.

Kylo nods and leans in to kiss her. Rey kisses back and wraps her arm around him. She got up to sit on his lap and he wrapped his arm around her waist. He kissed her lips one last time before kissing down her neck. Then he started sucking and both forgot about Leia. Especially when she came down the stairs.

Han walked in the house and saw them both. He a cough they didn't notice he tried again it didn't work. He turns to Leia and she whispered: "speak".

"Hey honey I'm home" he yelled. Rey got off his lap and sat on the chair." Hey Rey, son how your doing I bet great" he said.

Rey smiled and she wipes Kylo saliva off her neck. "Yeah Kylo please help fix the table with your father and Rey will help me serve," Leia said. She pulled Rey away from Kylo.

"Come on son" Han said. Kylo left with his dad.

Rey started to grab cookies off the pan to the plate. Leia looked at her." Rey, I want to thank you" she said.

"What why " she asked." I never saw a real smile in my sons face in a long time  I don't know every since you came to his life he been happy and he been to so much before we moved to Coruscant thank you so much" she said.

Rey smiled." Don't worry Leia about us, I love him, he fixes me now can we bring the food I'm starving".

"So is Han oh Rey take out the onion it gives Han gas," Leia said. Rey laughed.

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