Chapter 47

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Rey walked down to her father and he sat there looking through old pictures.

"Dad can I ask you something," she asked.

He turns to her. "Can I go camping tonight with my friend" she looks at him. He nodes." Sure go right ahead" he said and got up. "Have fun?" he said walking away from her.

Rey stood there confused. She nods and goes back upstairs to pack. She was excited to go. Just her Rose Finn Poe and the men she loves Kylo.

Rey looked through her clothing and put the one she would rely on the most. Sheets and pillows.

Kylo finish packing. He wanted to tell Rey about his leaving in a way that he won't lose her. The sun went down and Finn was with Rose and Poe in his car. Kylo said he would take his car too. Kylo walked downstairs and saw his mother packing things and his father trying to put the house on sale.

"You're leaving already," Leia said.

"Yeah I am, Finn is outside but I'm taking my car," Kylo said. Leia hugged him and he hugged him back. Leia just wanted his son to be happy just like every other caring loving mom wants for their kid. Han in the other hand loved his son. He would get him anything he wants but doesn't show his love. He works to keep his family under a roof and has food in their fridge. Use his sarcasm to keep Leia smiling. With his son, all he wants is to him to be happy but Han feels he always lets him down.

Kylo looks at his dad. "Bye Dad". He bends down to pet Chewie and leaves. Once Kylo gets in the car he sits for a while. He kinda wanted to hug Han but he couldn't do it he just couldn't so he started to the car and droved to pick up Rey.

Rey was waiting outside. She saw Kylo car pull over and she walked towards the car.

As she went in putting her things in the back she notices Kylo had a facial expression that concerned her." Everythings okay Ben" Rey asked.

He nodes." Yeah, its nothing" he said. He started to the car and drove away. Rey looks away feeling useless when he didn't tell her what was bother him. Kylo felt bad that he parked a few houses away.

Rey looks at him." I'm sorry something happened at my house this morning". "Do you want to talk about it?" Rey asked. Kylo shook his head.

Rey kissed Kylo cheek. But then Kylo kissed her lips pulling Rey to him. She sat on him as they both kissed like the old times. She started to play with his belt. This made his manhood grow thick.

"Your sure Rey," he asked. "Yes, Ben," she said.

He unzips his pants and pulls it down a little as Rey pulled her all the way down. Since Kylo car windows are always black no one can see. He slowly pushes inside of her and pumps slowly making her moan.

He kissed her lips and slide his tongue in her mouth. Rey plays with his tongue with hers. He pumps faster and Rey pulls away from him and gasps for air. Kylo just wants that to go on forever but Finn called him and that made them stop.

Kylo picked up the phone." Yeah, Finn" he said. Rey went back to his sit and pulled her pants up. Kylo fixed himself up and zipped up his pants. Kylo finishes the call and Rey was smiling.

"Let's go," Kylo said. He started the car and both of them headed towards the campsite.

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