Chapter 45

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Kylo woke up seeing the girl he loves next to him. He gently kissed her lips and she woke up smiling.

"Good morning," Kylo said." Hi Ben," she said. Kylo kissed Rey again going on top of her. She moved her hands down the side of his face.

Kylo kissed down her neck and Rey smiles. "I wish I could stay here but I can't," Rey said. He looks down at her and Rey stares in his eyes.

"I have to go," Rey said. Kylo nodes. "I will take you home," he said. Both of them got dress and Kylo tried to sneak Rey out of the house.

As Kylo starts his car, Rey looked around to see if his parents were around. Once they left the house Kylo hold Rey hand. He smiled at her looked back at the road.

He loves Rey and he had his first time with her. It was special, it was just the way he wanted his first to be. With the person he loves and able to have it in his room without getting caught and also the night, how the moonshine up the whole dark sky.

"I here thank Ben," Rey said. Rey kisses Kylo and laughs." I can't believe it still" Rey said. "Me neither but you know it what we both wanted," Kylo said.

Rey nodes and kisses him again." Bye, see you Monday". "I pick you up in my car like the old times," Kylo said. Rey smiles and leaves the car.

Kylo smiles and drives away. Rey walks in the house and walks to her room. She sat down on her bed and smiles.

She still trying to get that she had her first time. She wanted to scream but her dad was sleeping. What happened last night was something wrong to do in their age but it felt right for them, as long as you do it with the person you love it right.

She lays down and breath in. Happiness filled throw her body. Kylo felt the same. He sat in his car smiling. He was in front of his house. He decides to go to the house and lay on the couch.

He closed his eyes trying to sleep when " Where were you this early in the morning". Leia popping out from the back of the couch making Kylo jump screaming "what the hell".

"Mom you could be a spy," Kylo said." I know but I decided to be a housewife I instead" Leia said.

Kylo looks down and sits up and Leia walked to him. She sits down next to him. "What going on," she asked.

"I got back together with Rey," Kylo said. Leia gasps and smile." Really". Kylo nodes.

She smiles and hugs him when Han walks in." Hey, guess I have to talk to you".

Kylo and Leia look at him. Kylo felt like it was bad news.

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