Chapter 3

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Kylo took Rey home that night. She has kinda felt something for him and shook too. He noticed her. That thought scared her because no one knows her. Just Finn, Poe and Rose. Well, she just met Poe but he cares.

"You don't have to live me at my house I could walk from here," she said.

"No I could I'm not tired," he said. Rey rolled her eyes and looked at him." Kylo please I can walk from here please go home thank you" she said.

Kylo looked at her as she walked in her house ........ from the kitchen door. He was kinda thinking why didn't she g through her front door. But he walked away.

When he got home he went to his room and pulled out the condom from his pocket. He wasn't ready and was happy nothing happened. He always dreams of having his first time with the person he loved, he did not love Emma.

He always had that picture in his mind to have it in his room when the full moon is out and the star is shining more than ever before. And with candles at least two on and he with the girl he loves. But too bad something people wish for doesn't happen all the time.

He falls asleep and the next morning the sun was shining so bright. He got up and walked to the window.

He looks outside and walked back to change. When he finished he walked downstairs to the kitchen where his mom was making breakfast.

"Morning Kylo how was the party," she asked. Kylo put the orange juice down looked at her "it was fine".

"How your girlfriend" Han ask as he walked in the kitchen.

"She fine I gotta go," kylo said. He was about to walk away when his dad pulled condoms from his pocket.

"What is this," he asked." Condom Han WAIT WHAT" Leia said as she looked at Kylo.

"You don't have sex right," Leia asked.

"Noo I swear I never ever did that well about to last night but then I left with another girl," kylo said.

"Your cheating"?

"Noooo look I just wanted to leave and she did too so we want to The Cooks," he said.

"Don your in junior year for high school I think it time to speak about the consequences of sex," Han said.

"No dad please I know without protecting their pregnancies, "Kylo said.

"Not only that it could cause many diseases to and it could kill you," Han said.

Ben nodded and realized what he said and look straight at him. "Okay okay um, I'm going to school so um wow, "he said almost falling on the floor.

He walked out of the house and went to his car. He drove to his house when he saw Rey and Rose walking.

Beep Beep

"Hey need a ride," he asked.

"Yes," Rose said walking to the car going to the back seat.

Rey walked to the passenger seat and closed the door."Hey"Kylo said.

She looks at him and smiled and looked away. They drove to school and Rey got out as fast as she could and walked in the school.

"Rose, could I ask you something"?


"What is it with Rey I'm trying to get to know her but it like she shuts people out," Kylo said.

"That just Rey it a hard way to get to her but for me, we just know we be best friends Kylo I think it best if you don't get too curious about her, it for the best," Rose said.

She gets out the car and walks to the school.  Kylo looks away. Something wrong he knew it, he decided to not listen to her and be curious.

He got off the car when "Kylo Ren What The Hell Are You Getting In To"?

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