Chapter 5

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Kylo was getting ready for school. He walked out of his room and went straight to the kitchen.

"Morning sweetie everything okay," she asked.

Kylo looked at her when everything was not okay but instead "yeah great um I'm skipping breakfast today okay.

He got up and went outside to his car. While he was driving he saw Rose walking but without Rey.

He pulled over."ROSE".

She looks at him and walks to him." Hey Kylo what up" she asked.

"Nothing in where Rey," he asked. Rose looked away for a second and was looking too scared to answer that question.

"Um um she um she's she at the hair salon yeah she is she lost a bet so um yeah okay bye" and Rose walked away.

Kylo just looked at her and didn't believe her. No one in the world Rey would go to the hair salon even if she lost a bet.

Rey was at home playing on her bed when she heard her dad yelled." She upstairs fixes her up".

"Rey sweetheart".

"Aunt Mia". She walked to Rey and hug her.

"Aunt Mia thank you for coming it hurts," Rey said. She nods.

"Of course I'm sorry this happen to you I wish I could help you," she said.

"You can I could live with you," Rey said.

"No honey I can't let you even if I do want you to live with me I can't I live in a small house and you know your father blackmail me so I can't even go to the cops," she said.

Rey put her chin on her pull. Then Mia started to put a wet cloth on her back. Rey closed her eyes then remembered how life was before her mother died.


Rey was running around the yard with her dad chasing her. All smiling when her mom came out and yelled: "lunch is ready".

They walked into the house and smelled the mashed potato and the chicken on the table.

Her grandfather Obi-Wan Kenobi always came to eat lunch with them. After lunch, they would play 5-second rule and Obi-Wan would always win.

Flashback Over

Rey opens her eyes and tears came out. Mia looked at her. "I promise I will always be here one day everything will change," she said.

Kylo got up when the bell rings and waited for Rose. She got up and walked to the door but Kylo stops her.

"What happens to Rey," he asked.

Rose looked at him. "Kylo please I already told you what happens okay".

"That not true, come on what up what Rey hiding," he asked.

"Abuse," Rose said. Kylo looked at her." What" Kylo asked confused.

"That all I could say sorry," she said and she walked away.

Kylo stood there and tried to figure out what she meant.

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