Chapter 6

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Not my video I just love it a lot.

After a week of not going to school Rey finally went to school.

Rose has been giving Rey the work to catch up with school. Rose also warn Rey that Kylo was getting too curious about Rey.

As Rey walked in school many people started to look at her. She was so confused. Only being gone for a week and she has people looking at her.

Then out of nowhere Rose grabbed her from her back and pulled her out of the school. Rey looked at Rose.

"What going on why people looking at me," Rey asked.

Rose took a deep breath." Kylo Ren may have broken up with His girlfriend and she may have started telling people your there reason he broke up with her".

"What, Kylo doesn't even know me and I don't him why does she think I'm the reason" Rey said.

"Rumors has it that he likes you" Rose said. Rey looks at her. "No no that not true we just spoke for like three times I don't know she got the wrong information, " Rey said.

"But Rey if its true if he really likes you," Rose said.

"He doesn't trust me," Rey said. Rose node and looks at Rey.

"So what am I going to do everyone looking at me," Rey said.

"Don't worry my aunt is a serious killer," Rose said. And she walks away.

"Okay ..... wait what," Rey asked.

Rose walked in the school waited for Rey. Rey walked in and looked at Rose. Rey was amazed that Rose had a lot of confidence.

"Are you sure you want to be with me?" Rey asked.

"Yes let's do this" Rose said as she flipped her hair and walked down the hall. Rey smiled and walked with her.

Rey was sitting at her desk before class started no one was there. Rose left to get her a breakfast sandwich.

Emma walked in the classroom and slammed her hands on Rey desk. Rey looked up.

"What your problem," Rey said. Emma smiled and looked straight to Rey's eyes. "Kylo was mine you had no right to take him away from me," she said.

"I never wanted to I didn't even know he that much we met in the party" Rey said.

"Kylo is the most popular guy in school if he goes out with a loser like you it will ruin his reputation and why will he ever fall for a girl like you" she screamed.

"Emma look I don't know why he broke up with you but it not because of me," Rey said.

"Fine but if I see you with him or even near him there will be a problem," Emma said.

She walked away and Rey sat on her chair quietly. Rose walked in as Emma and her friends walked away.

"What happen," Rose asked. Rey shook her head and put her hand on her face and went through her hair.

"Nothing Rose," she said. Rose node and pulled the breakfast sandwich." I got them here" Rose said.

They started to eat till the other students walked in. Then the teacher walked in already with the lesson for the day.

"Okay class please sit and let's started the ....." he was interrupted by Kylo Finn and Poe running the room and playing with the football.

"You guys are late please sit down," the teacher said. Kylo laughed till he saw Rey in the back of the classroom and sat down. He stares back to looked at her and she looked away.

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