Chapter 8

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The video on top is one of mine hope you like it and enjoy the chapter.

Rey was sitting at her desk. She was finishing an equation the teacher put up when her phone ring.

She saw kylo name on it and smile. It said, "so bored here only thing good about it is you".

She type " let's do this after class their things I want to do in the future that I have to learn".

"Yeah my future all about football what about you" Kylo type.

"Writer, writing stories about life like up"

Kylo read what she said and looked up to see the teacher there. "Ahhh um how you doing," he said.

"Phone," she asked for and he gave it to her in her hand. She walked away looking back to see Rey. She smiled and went back to do her work.

Emma looked at him and notice he saw Rey and rolled her eyes.

After class Kylo waited for Rey." Hey, Rey um do you want to get lunch" he asked.

"It is lunch," Rey said. Kylo felt so stupid. "I mean I know but um maybe let's have lunch together," he said.

Rey nose and they started to walk." Hey so it like 85 degrees aren't you hot and by hot I mean warm hot" he said

"Um no I just I'm just like long sleeves".

"Okay um where here I get that," he said. He opens the door for Rey. "Thank you".

Rey walked in and sat down. Rose Finn and Poe came. "Hey, Rey Kylo" Rose said.

Poe smiled at Rey and she smiled too. Kylo sat down." Hey, guys" Kylo said.

"So 8:00 tonight at The Dark Night," Poe said.

Rose and Finn smiled and did jazz hands." You realize we are only 16 and 17" Rey said.

"Nope by tonight we are 18 we are going to get the fake ID," Finn said.

"How," Kylo asked." I know a guy who knows a guy" Poe said.

"Woah okay, I know my dad has business tonight so hell yeah," Rey said.

"Fine I'm going to I have to find a way to get out of my parent house," Kylo said. "Okay we go to my friend friends house and get that ID," Poe said.

That night

Rey sat next to Kylo and looked at her hands. "So fake ID," he said.

Rey smiled. She looked at him. "Yeah," she said. "Rey Kylo your turn," Poe said.

Kylo pulled his hand in front of Rey and she held his hand and walked to the room after the picture they printed it out.

"Okay let's get a dress for the club and meet up in the car," Finn said.

Rey walked to Rose."I got you I brought a nice dress for you".

Rey smiled and went into the room. She put on her dress and grabbed foundation and put it on her bruises. Came out very good.

She also put some on her stomach because she wearing a dress that shows her belly. (A/N: if you saw Daisy Ridley in Silent Witness as Hannah Kenndy you see her in a dress like this).

Rey walked with Rose to the car and sat down." Ready" Poe asked.


They drove off to the club. Once they arrived they got off the car and walked to the line but those are the people under 18 so they just walked in front.

When they got in they went to a table and sat down." Okay I'm going to get drinks, okay and we can only drink 5 cups or we are drunk" Poe said.

Rey node and started to talk to Rose. Kylo got up with Poe to get drinks. "Rey so you been in your phone for quite a while," Rose said.

Rey looked at her." Yeah, I and Kylo started to text" Rey said.

"Really wow do you like texting with him," Rose asked." Yeah I mean I got to know him and we don't even have to talk" Rey said.

"Texting is so much better," Rose said.

"But texting doesn't explain the whole story," Rey said.

"That what emojis are for," Rose said. Rey smiled. "Want to dance," Rose asked.

"Why not," Rey said. She got up with Rose and went to the dance floor and started to dance.

Finn Kylo and Poe joined and enjoyed the night. Well not until " Rose it okay I got your hair take it out take it all out" Rey said.

Rose got drunk and started to throw up. "Why did you drink that much Poe only said 5 drinks, not 15".

After that, they drove Rose home. "You think you can take her to her room," Kylo asked. "I know where she hides the keys," Rey said.

Kylo looked at Poe." This is all your fault" Kylo said. Poe was shocked then nods in shame.

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