Chapter 15

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"My name is Ben, I changed it I was made fun of because I didn't look like a Ben," he said.

"That very stupid um can I call you Ben," Ray asked.

"Anything you one," he said. Rey smiled and drank her milkshake.

"Ben I'm am really your girlfriend," she asked." Do you want to be my girlfriend I want to be your boyfriend I like you, don't you like me" he said.

"It, not just that, it's my dad, Emma, everyone I never could be happy," Rey said.

"I could make you happy," he said." There so many things that can't be fixed in my life" Rey said.

"Rey, we can start simple and when we feel like we should take it to the next level then yeah," he said.

Rey nods." Ben Ben Ben Ben Ben ". He laughed." What are you doing" he asked." Just trying to learn your name" she said.

"Its simple Ben," he said. Rey smiled. She smiled and Kylo grabbed her hand. After an hour of eating they went to the park. Kylo push Rey on the swings.

Rey kept on screaming of joy. Kylo than race to get Rey as she ran away from him. Kylo caught her and carry her. Kylo walked Rey to her house and stop a few houses away.

"Bye Ben," she said.

Kylo kissed her. Rey smiled. He pulled away but Rey kissed him again. She pulled away.  She walked away and Kylo put his arms up "don't do that" Rey said.

Kylo put his arms down and walked away. Rey walked in her house and found her dad on the couch with a girl over him naked. She notices the girl was going up and down on her dad so she left the house.

She ran to Kylo. "Hey what happen," he asked. "My dad has a stripper mind if I could come with you," she asked.

Kylo put Rey over his shoulder and carried her to his house. Rey closed her eyes and laughed.

Once Kylo made it to his house he put Rey down."Come on" he said. Rey followed him. He opens the door for Rey and "Mom" he yelled.

"Ben what are you doing," she asked." I want you to meet my mom and dad" he said.

Rey looks at him." How long did it take you to tell Emma it time to meet your parents" she asked.

"About a month," he said. Rey smiled."Oh, your serious" she said. He node." Ben, I don't think it time to meet your parents what if they want to talk to my dad" she said.

"It okay I make sure that won't happen," he said.

Leia walked in and her eyes led to Rey." Kylo you have a girlfriend" she asked.

Kylo looked at her." Sorry I'm Leia I'm his mom nice to meet you" she said." Nice to meet you too" Rey said. They both shake each other hands.

"Come into the kitchen in m making brownies wow your very pretty she very pretty Kylo," Leia said.

"Yeah, she beautiful" Kylo said." Thank you" said Rey.

Leia handed her a plate of two pieces of brownies." Thank you" Rey said ready to take a bite of the brownies.

Han walk in and his eyes went directly on Rey." Ben, you have a new girl how long had you dated her two months one month" he asked.

"3 hours," kylo asked." Now that a record hello" he said as he walked to Rey and pulled his hand out to shake her hand.

"Uh forget that," he said and he pulled Rey to a bone-crushing hug. She was surprised.

"Nice to meet you um where the bathroom," she asked. Han pointed at the direction and Rey went.

"Wow you must really like her," Leia said." Yeah, every other girl you bring home to us, your already a month relationship but now the girl Rey you brought after 3 hours" Han said.

"I don't know I guess I never felt this feeling before but she nice and beautiful she always made me laugh I hope you guys like her," Kylo said.

"Much better than your last girlfriend, " Leia said.

Kylo nods. Rey comes out of the bathroom and walks toward the family. She sits down on the chair and looks at his parents.

"Do you like my brownies" Leia asked. "Yeah, there good thank you," Rey said.

Leia smiled. "So how long have you know my son," Han asked.

Kylo was kinda embarrassed, the first time he cared how his girlfriend feels about his parents.

"A few months ago. Maybe two" she said.

"She a winner," he said. Rey looks at the clock and looked at Kylo.

"It's getting late I have to go home," Rey said.

"I leave her," Kylo said. Rey got up." It was nice to meet you guys thank you so much for the brownies" Rey said.

They went out the door and Leia looked at Han. "I think our son is in love," Leia said.

"I know that what scares me," Han said
Leia looked confused.

"Why don't you like her," Leia asked." I do but you my job we are sometimes traveling but I may be one of the guys who will get promoted" Han said.

"And," Leia asked.

"I will be working for an office in Alderaan" Han said. Leia looked shocked.

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