Chapter 62

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Rey was laying on her bed looking at her stomach. It's been a week since she found out. Almost two weeks since Kylo left.

"Hi baby, you know I can't wait for you to come, that be in nine months," Rey said.

She laughs buts stops "I don't know if I'm planning to take care of you or if I'm going to give you for adoption don't worry about abortion that's not an opinion, you don't deserve that," Rey said.

"Your father doesn't know yet not even you grandaddy or your father parents only you godmother Rose and her love Finn and Emma" Rey said. She puts her hand on it.

"I really hope I get to take care of you but with you free and not to keep you here I want you to play and go to school and I want to buy you so many things that I never got well if you're a girl if you a boy I do anything for you, whatever you be girl, boy anything" Rey said.

"Goodnight my little one," she said.  She pulled her shirt down and pulled the cover up to sleep.

Three Months Later

Kylo grabs the ball and ran towards the goal. He pushes a few players and passes through a huge amount of players. He was tickled but it was too late he made the score.

Kylo laughs and gets up from the ground." Great job Kylo" the coach said. Kylo laughs and he walks towards the bench and grabs his water.

After drinking some water he puts the bottle away and starts to think of Rey. He wonders what she up to now what she going through. School was almost over for Rey. He missed her. He loves her.

Rey was planning what to say to her dad.  She looks at her three-month pregnant belly. She did a good job hiding it. Almost to her four-month of pregnancy. She afraid to tell her father but she was too.

Rey heard her father come in the house. She grabbed a rob and walked downstairs.

"Hey Rey," He said. "Hey dad," she said. "How was your day," He asked. "I need to talk to you about something," Rey said. He looks at her.

"Is it bad or is it good?". Rey breaths. "It's bad and good," Rey said.

He looks at her. She starts to shake." What is it" He said. Already getting impatient, he yells " WHAT IS IT".

Rey steps back a little. "Dad, I'm.....I'm... I'm pregnant" Rey said.

He looks at her with anger and disgust and sadness. He folds his fist and slams that fast on the table.

"HOW COULD YOU DO THAT" he yelled. He slapped her and she walks a step back holding her cheek.

"I'm sorry," she said." HOW LONG HAVE YOU KNOWN HOW LONG AND HOW MANY MONTHS ARE YOU" He yelled grabbing her shoulders.

"Almost four months," Rey cried. He slaps her and she falls on the ground.

She crawled away a little, she put herself against the wall." DOES THE FATHER KNOW OR DID HE LEAVE YOU".

Rey looks at him and tried to get up." The father moved away, he didn't know, cause I didn't know I was pregnant".

"Are you planning to tell him?" he asked. Rey shook her head. She stays on the ground looking at her father. Rey father looks at her daughter. He slowly walks to her and knees on the floor.

He helps her get up and walks her to the couch for her to sit. Rey looks at him." Did I hurt the baby" He asked?

Rey shakes her head. He kisses her belly and her daughter's forehead. Rey was confused. He grabs the phone and puts down 911.

"Call them, tell them everything that I've done to you," he said. Rey was confused.

"Do it, Rey, please?" he said. Rey grabs the phone and hears waits for someone to pick up. Rey looks at her dad. Sorrow and guilt. She hugs him and he hugs her back.

He pulls away. A man picked up and Rey begins to speak.

Flashing light appear outside of the house. Rey and her father were eating there the last dinner together.

A knock on the door was heard and they both got up." I got this they just came for me" he said.

"Why you wanted me to do that" Rey asked.

"I never talk to you about anything especial the talk it's my fault too," he said.

Rey looks at him." You the only one I have right now" Rey said.

"No, I'm not Rey I'm going to die soon my disease is getting more efficient by every day that passes by, Rey my Will said that money will be giving to you, that more than enough to raise that child," Rey said.

"Don't I have to sign a paper" Rey asked." No, I mean you did but that for your guidance, I wanted to be a surprise, " he said.

Rey shakes her head." Why are you doing this" She asked?

Head nocks began to get louder and louder." You're my only daughter and this is the most decent thing I have ever done for you I realized how much I'd loved you now" he said.

Rey hugs him. "If I don't die till your baby comes, promise me you bring the baby so I could meet my grandchild," he said.

"I will promise," she said.

He walks to the door and opens it." Sir, you are under arrest for abuse of your child, you have the right to remain silence everything you say will go against you" the officer said.

He looks at Rey before being pulled out. An officer walked towards Rey.

"Miss please come with me for medical attention," he said.

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