Chapter 52

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Kylo sits on a chair waiting for the football team. After a while, they all came in the locker room.

"Hey, guys," Kylo said. " Poe said you called a meeting what ups," Teddy asked.

"You know my dad had a job offer in Alderaan and will he accept it and now we have to move by the end of the month I talked to couch and he let me choose the captain of the team," Kylo said.

"Well, who you choose," Teddy asked. "I just want to say I didn't choose because of favorite is because besides me he had the higher ability and was always the best kicker, Finn congratulations your captain," Kylo said.

Finn laughed and everyone started to clap." We're going to miss you Kylo" A player said.

"Me too there no other weirdos I will rather be in a team with than you guys," Kylo said.


They all looked at each other " we should have planned what we were going to say before we put our hands in" Poe said. They all nod and left the locker room.

It was music class and they all listen to the teacher talking about West Side Story and Guys and Dolls and Grease, all Musical.

So they watch videos of all of the couple of the movie and their song.

West Side Story

Guys and Doll


Most of the class fall asleep during the first song.

"Teacher, why they're old people now and just filmed movies the girl always the good one and the boy, is the bad one but I'm West Side the girl is in one side which it the Sharks cause of her brother and the boy is in the other gang the Jets hr the one who made the gangs" Poe said.

"See a musical about people falling in love but the things that pull them away from each other, due to limits and doing what they think is right the conflict that happens between them or forbidden love that what makes this movie great," The teacher said.

"What the project," Rose asked." You know me too well okay search one of this movie up and right about a couple of the movie and what pulling them apart to love each other and it due in two days" he said.

All the class started to boo and the bell ring and they all left. Rey walks down the hall when Kylo runs up to her. "What movie are you doing," He asked.

"I don't know maybe Guys and Dolls," Rey said.

"Have you watch it?" he asked.

"No but I have a phone I look for it," she said.

"I love you," he said. Both kiss and people started to cheer for them. Rey laughed and they both walked down the hallway.

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