Chapter 76

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After a few days, Rey and Obi-Wan were back at Coruscant.

"I haven't seen this place in so long," He said." Well enjoy the view we are almost at my apartment" Rey said.

"Is it big?" he asked." Yeah actually I'm surprised I was able to get it, it has four rooms and three bathrooms" Rey said.

"Great," he said. Rey turns right to her house. She parks her car in her parking lot. She helps him with his bags as she brings her and they go inside. The take an elevator up to the floor.

Rey was unlocking her door and opens it only to see Rose and Finn on her couch making out.

Finn puts his shirt back on and Rose gets up fixing her hair. "Hey Rey I didn't know you come back," Rose said.

"I send you a text when I landed," Rey said. "Oh okay well Ben is sleeping, I feed him and changed him," Rose said.

Rey nodes and turns to Obi-Wan." Rose Finn this is my grandfather Obi-Wan Kenobi" Rey said.

"Hello there," he said." I like him hey I'm Rose Tico". "I'm Finn".

Obi-Wan smiles and turns to Rey." I would like to see my great-grandson" he said.

"Yes, you guys can leave," Rey said. Rose went to hug Rey." Yeah, I have my things pack, bye Rey by Mrs. Kenobi" Rose said. 

Rose left the house with Finn and shut the door.

"Um following me to your room," Rey said. She walks him to his room. She opens the door and takes him inside.

"I like it now Ben," he asked. Rey walks him to her room and opens the door. Rey walks to the crib and looks at her son.

"Come on," she said. He walks to the crib and looks at the little baby sleeping peacefully.

"Beautiful," he said. Rey smiles. She sits down. Obi-Wan looks at her and then notice the clock.

"The games on," He said." What game" Rey asked." Alderaan vs. Hoth" Obi-Wan said.

Rey sees him then on the TV and sits down next to her.

"The game has started and today a special game because Alderaan has a new player in their team," speaker one said.

"Yes, I heard he was the star player of his high school and team captain, tons of great thing lets see if what Alderaan team coach said about him is true that he is a star on the field," speaker two said.

Rey looks ad her grandfather. The team runs in the field. "Which one is the new player," speaker two said.

"Number 29," speaker one said. Rey looks at player 29 and the camera zooms in and all she saw was the face of an old love.

"Ben," Rey said. "What," Obi-Wan asked.

Rey couldn't believe her eyes. Rey looks at the screen and the next thing she knew she fall to the ground and the world turn black.

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