Chapter 83

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Rey fell asleep that night in the hospital. She was just watching him till she got tired. Her head was on his hand as she holds to it and she was sitting on a chair.

Finger started to move. Rey lay her head to her arm. She continued to sleep peacefully next to the man she loves.

Kylo slowly opens his eyes. He looks around. He sees his right wrist wrapped in a bandage and bandage around his head. He felt a bandage wrapped around his waist.

He looks around his surroundings and sees a young girl sleeping like an angel. He couldn't believe who he saw. Were his eyes playing with him or they are actually seeing the right thing. He didn't know.

"Rey" Kylo said. She didn't walk up. Kylo put his hand on her shoulder and shaped her a little. Rey slowly got up and look at the window. She turns her head as she rubs her eyes and sees Kylo.

She moves her hands from her eyes and looks at Kylo." Ben" she asked. "Rey".

Rey gets up making the chair move back making a loud scratching noise on the floor. She looks at his eyes.

" Rey is that really you," Kylo asked. "Yes, it's me, Ben, it's me and it's you," Rey said.

"Yeah it's really me," Kylo said. "I'm going to call the doctor," Rey said. She ran out of the room and she saw the Solo sleeping on the chair.

She walked to them and went on her knees." Han, Leia" She said.

They slowly open their eyes." Rey you still here what time is it" Han asked. "It's time to see your son he woke up," Rey said.

Leia opens her eyes widely and got." Oh God let's go Rey, Han call the nurse" Leia said. Han puts his arms up and grabs a random nurse.

Leia runs to her son and embraced him." Hi, mom" Kylo said." Hi Kylo" Leia said. They both hug and Han walks in with the nurse.

He walks to Kylo." I need it" Han said. He hugs his son and Kylo hugs back. After a while." This is weird" Kylo said." I know" Han said.

Han pulled away from Kylo. He hesitated but Han just grabs Kylo face and kissed him on the cheek. "Wow old man hugs enough," Kylo said. Rey laughs quietly.

The nurse was checking Kylo. "Well, he did fine, it's a good thing he didn't stay in a coma for longer or then he could have not remembered anything. He is going to stay here in the hospital for a while, I will bring your belongs" The nurse said.

She waved bye at the Solo and at Rey who was sitting on a chair near the door. "Well you are doing well do you need anything sweetie," Leia asked.

Rey got a call and she left the room. Kylo watches her as she left." It's obvious you wanted to talk to her" Han said.

"Yeah, I need to know what she doing and where my child," Kylo said." Your son doing fine he in Coruscant with Rey grandfather" Leia said.

"Son, I had a boy," Kylo asked." Yeah, you did she named him Ben like your real name" Leia said. Kylo smiles.

"You might be surprised but I hope it was a girl," Kylo said. "Well you have a boy and that means football and more boys than girls in our family" Han said. Kylo high five Han and Leia rolled her eyes.

Rey was speaking on her phone with Poe." Yes he awake, I want to many different hospitals to find Ben" Rey said.

"Which hospital are you in," Poe asked. "I'm in uptown of Alderaan it the tallest building you could see and it says hospital" Rey said.

"Bye Rey, see you there," Poe said. "Bye Poe," Rey said. She hangs up and puts her phone away.

She looks at the door and walks in the room. Leia sees Rey at the door and looks back to her son. "Well um, I going to get something to eat Han do you want to come along," Leia asked.

"No, but I would like a muffin, two bacon egg and cheese sandwich with an iced coffee extra Carmel and a bagel with cream cheese and jelly," Han said.

"No, let's go," Leia said. She pulls his hand." Rey want anything" Leia asked." Coffee and a sandwich" Rey said.

Leia left the room and looks at Han." Why can't you be simple like her, ordering a whole meal" Leia said. "Don't judge my stomach Leia," Han said.

Rey looks at Kylo. "So, we need a lot to talk about," Rey said.

"I know," Kylo said.

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