Chapter 10

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Rey woke up in her bed getting ready for school. She put on a navy blue shirt and a pair of pants with converse. She tried to do a new hairstyle.

Three buns. She finishes and grabbed her bag and went downstairs. She stopped when her dad approached her out of nowhere.

She looked at him. "New hair," he said. Rey nods and tried to look away.

"Okay, I hope you have a terrible day," he said.

He walked past her and Rey left as fast as she could.

She walked to school till she heard footsteps behind her. She looks back and it ended up being Kylo.

"Hey Rey," he said. She smiled and looked at the ground.

"So um new hair," he said. Rey looked at him "yeah it is" she said.  Rey kept walking and Kylo watch her walk away.

Kylo ran to Rey." Rey can I ask you something" he said.

"Yeah," Rey said. "Yeah is your house so scary," he said.

Rey looked at him as she walks "it hasn't been clean from the outside in a long time" she said.

"Really I thought you lived in a house maybe light yellow or cream color I'm mean you're a Rey of Sun," he said.

Rey smiled and stop in front of him." Their something people want to keep to themselves" she said. She kept walking and Kylo follow her.

They arrived at the school and Emma was sitting on a bench watching them both walk in the school. Emma whispered to her friends which made Kylo get scared that he push Rey gently in the school.

It fifth period and Rey sat on a table in lunch. It started to rain outside that no one can eat but the door where open either way.

Emma came with her friends and she slammed her phone on the table. Rey looked at Emma and put down her spoon and looked at her.

"Rey Rey of Sun wow what a nice nickname," she said. Rey looked at her "what do you want" she said.

"To back off of Kylo he mine," she said." Kylo isn't a toy to claim it yours" Rey said.

"You selfish piece of shit always thinks she better than other a girl that doesn't have money or....." by that time the kids started to look at right at them most of them the cruel ones started to laugh.

Kylo walked in the room and looked at them." You're just a girl leaving in her house with a dad that doesn't even love you and with a dead mom" Emma said.

Rey got up and ran out the school. She was in the football field and ran across it ahead to the woods.

Kylo was running after her." REY" he yelled. "What she right I have no one what the point of having someone when they are going to leave," Rey said.

"Rey I am always going to be here," he said. Rey looks at him " go j never going to have something that could stay there forever to back to Emma" she said.

"I'm not leaving you," he said. Rey looked at him "why-why not" she cried. Kylo grabbed her and kissed her in the lips. He pulled away "I think I'm falling in love with you," he said.

Rey looks at him as the got wet from the rain. But they didn't care they were just lost in each other eyes.

"Kylo I can't I won't I don't need this," she said running towards the school. Kylo stood there and chase Rey and grabbed her.

"Rey I do anything just for you to be happy what can I do," he said. Rey was already crying sad that she would let him down soon. But all she wanted was his love so she pulled him and kissed him on the lips.

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