Chapter 54

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Rey sat on a chair waiting for the doctor to tell her the news. She waited patiently just to know what happened.

She finally saw the doctor come and she got up walking towards him." Mr. Kenobi is going to be fine he just been missing his medication, Mrs. Kenobi you see his daughter you should make sure he takes his medication Kidney disease is something people need help with it makes them forget things, cause some sort of dizziness, and pain" the doctor said.

Rey nodes. "So do I need any more medication for him what do I do". " I'll write you a note for you to follow and you be able to see him," he said.

Rey nodes and the doctor leaves. Rey looks at the door thinking if she should go inside or just stay out worrying if going in would cause him to get angry. She walks to the door and puts her hand in the nod. She slowly opens the door and looks at her dad. She walks in closes the door behind her and walks to her dad.

"Dad," she said. He is sleeping. He had a bandage on his head and spot of blood on it. He did hit his head bad.

She sits down in the chair next to him she grabs a blanket and puts it on her. She uses the pillow that on the couch to rest her head on and sleeps takes her away.

Kylo worked up on his room noticing Rey was gone. He tried to get off the bed but he slipped and fall flat on his face. He got up and slowly and groaned of pain. He walked downstairs and looked around for food. Hungry Kylo.

Than Kylo started to wonder about of life would be like when he moves away. How would Rey life change? He loved Rey and he knows what she going through but with her personality and her beautiful face with a kind smile and being a strong person like her, she could make it. But it kinda made Kylo miserable thinking one day she would find another guy and stay with him.

Kylo grabbed a cookie bag with apple juice and walked upstairs. He looks at the movies and starts to yawn" Wow even looking at the movies DVD box makes me tried" Kylo through the boxes on the desk and laid down on the bed.

"Well, this is cozy".

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