Chapter 18

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Han looked at Rey as she eats the food.

"Okay the reason why we are doing this dinner is that I got a promotion, in a few months I will be running the office in Alderaan" Han said

Rey looked at Kylo and he turns to her." What" Kylo said. He got up from the chair and slammed his hand on the table and looked at his father.

"How can you make a decision like that without talking to us about it" Kylo yelled.

"Kylo please I took the job okay I always wanted to be promoted for once I wish you be happy for something I have done," Han said before leaving the room.

Rey got up and grabbed her things. She looks at Kylo and Leia." Thank you for inviting me the food was delicious and tell Han congratulations for me" she said.

She was about to walk away when Kylo stops her." I'm sorry" he said.

"No it okay these things happen by Ben," she said.

Kylo watched her leave. He looked at Leia with her one of her hands on her forehead.

Kylo ran after Rey. "Rey" he yelled as he ran outside. Rey turns around. She shocks her head." No, we have to talk about it but another time" she said.

She walked away and Kylo stood there. He started to cry and walked back to his house and went to his room.

Rey got home and went to bed. She cried on her bed. She was under her covers and hug her teddy bear Kylo gave her.

Kylo played on his bed under the cover hugging his pillow. All he wanted was to be with Rey.

Rey ended up falling asleep and that when her dream started.


Rey walked to a room where Kylo was waiting. She saw the flowers path to him. She walked to him and looked at the cover on the floor.

He pulled Rey to a kiss. Rey wrapped her arms around him and he did the same. He pulled her shirt over her head and his hands went through her naked back. Rey started to unzip his pants. Kylo pulled his shirt and Rey already undid his pants.

He lay her down on the cover and pulled her pants down. Pulling them out of her legs Kylo kiss her legs all the way to her lips. He pulled her underwear off and he pulled off his. Both under the covers he was ready to go.

Rey gasp as Kylo shoved himself in her. She grabbed his body to let him go in more. He went in and out and Rey moans his name.

End Of Dream

Rey woke up and gasp. "Why am I dreaming that," she said.

She looked at the time. 7:00 a.m. She got up and started to get dress. She smiled as she got off the bed. Once she finishes getting dress and walked out of her room with her bag.

Her dad already left for work. She walked downstairs out of the door and saw Kylo waiting for her in the car.

She walked to the car and went in." What are you doing here" she asked.

"Waiting for you Rey, look Rey I know we don't have time but we can make this the best year ever," Kylo said.

" I know I want this to work, at least we have this year together and we will be going our separate ways," she said.

"Rey I'm not leaving you, I can't do that, especially if you are with your dad," Kylo said.

"Ben don't worry about me I will try to leave that house, but you have to follow your dreams which is football," she said.

"Rey I'm going to stay with you," he said." We have to get to school" she said. He nods and starts to drive.

Rey puts her hand on his and pulled his hands to her lips to kiss it. He smiled and looked back at the road.

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