Chapter 65

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Sweat was going down Kylo face. He could only hear the sound of his heavy breathing. It's been three hours since he started his run and he hasn't stopped.

But of course, he had too cause he was about to past out if he didn't stop for water. Kylo sits down on a bench in the park.

He looks around and breath in the fresh air. Kylo wishes at that moment that Rey was there. He smiles. He loved Rey. She was his first love. No one forgets their first love.

As Kylo put back his water in his bag, he got a call." Poe hey" Kylo said.

"Hey," Poe said." How it going over there"?

"It's fine we are all doing great how are you," Poe asked.

"It Rey okay," Kylo asked immediately after Poe finish speaking. Poe takes a few seconds before answering "she fine she great her aunt is treating her with respect, not like her father" Poe said.

Kylo smiles." Hey Poe please take care of Rey, I know we choose to start over but I can't move on without knowing if Rey is okay, you keep telling me what's going on over there" Kylo said.

"Okay, don't worry I will take care of Rey, you know she still very misses you," Poe said.

"I know, I was hoping she was missing me," Kylo said. Poe laughs." Hey if Rey starts dating anyone else tell him to treat her with respect and if he does something to her I will hunt him down, grab him by the throat and put him in a cage with rathtar" Kylo said.

"Got it," Poe said. Kylo laughs." Kylo" Poe said. "Yeah". Poe stood there thinking rather or not to tell Kylo he going to be a father but he promised Rey he wouldn't tell Kylo." Nothing bye" Poe said.

Poe put down the phone and walks toward his bed. Then he got a phone call." Rey" Poe said.

"Hi, i was wondering if you wanted to meet at The Cooks" Rey asked.

"Sure," Poe said. "Say we meet in half an hour," Rey asked." Yeah, that perfected see you there" Poe said. Poe put down his phone and started to get ready to meet Rey. He wanted to his closer and picked out a pair of shoes before leaving.

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